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Richard James - Switcher

PostPosted: Oct 20th, '07, 11:35
by Sym

Trick: Switcher

Manufacturer: Richard James

Price: £19.99 from Magicbox

They say: Ask a spectator to choose a card and sign the front. You now take the card and rip it up into tiny little pieces. Now draw their attention to a card, which has been in full view trapped between two other cards. Turn the cards over to show that this card is, say, a joker. Pull out the joker and wave it over the pieces you just ripped up. Watch their faces as you turn over what was the joker to show that it is now the signed card they watched you tear up earlier! The pieces on the table are now the joker!

Difficulty: So simple it's untrue. I want to give this a 1, however to be technical there is a sleight involved. However, you know it already!

I say: This has been reviewed (?) here, however I thought it deserved a proper write up! I had a very similar idea myself (ever so slightly different mechanics), however discovered this as I delved further into research (I just KNEW it was too good to be true!). This gimmick does EXACTLY what it says on the tin. You can switch a card RIGHT UNDER the spectators nose. In fact, you can SHOW them the face of a card... the slide it right out and it has changed. Hell, you can even SHOW them it changing... whilst sliding it back and forth! Remember the trick (forget what it's called) where the card flips over in the "zone"... so you slide it back and forth and can see the card is flipped back to front? Well it's almost the same effect... only THIS time the card can change to a completely different card... AND you can slide it right out and hand them the changed card! So many ideas will come flooding when you sit and play with this.

1) Switch a card
2) Print a card
3) Kill a card (blue bike to ghost bike, anyone?!)
4) Reverse a card (same as the "zone" trick mentioned above, but FULLY removable!)
5) Torn & restored card (explained on the DVD)
6) ...?

Overall: I'm gonna have to give this a 10/10 for several reasons. It's almost foolproof, and anyone reading this should be able to perform this minor miracle. Not ONLY is it extremely well made, there is also a section of the DVD that teaches you how to make this work with ANY card. So this is NOT (I repeat, NOT) a "one trick pony".. you can set up to have ANY card change into ANY card. I really cannot say enough about this, so I will end on these final words...


sounds goooooooooood

PostPosted: Oct 20th, '07, 15:41
by JD
This sounds really good! And i need simple things for my simple mind!
I'm trying to remember another trick I've seen like this, but i can't remember the name for the life of me! But basically in the trick the spec chooses a card, the magician finds the "wrong" card then puts it into this clear plastic wallet thing, then as he shakes it, the card visibly turns into the chosen card, think its a 6 of diamonds on the example! If anyone knows what trick I'm on about can you let me know asvits driving me mad! Think it began with an 'M'. Also can anyone compare the two tricks!


PostPosted: Oct 20th, '07, 15:53
by JD
Sorry can I just ask you a question symtal, after they select a card and you do your magic and pull out the "joker", the card you are holding is their signed card? Because on the demo vid, its not done with a signed card and doing it with just a duplicate is not half as impressive? I like this trick but just wanted to clarify that? Hoe you can help?

PostPosted: Oct 20th, '07, 18:28
by Sym
Hi JD,

Not sure I understand your question. The demo video on the weblink shows everything possible with Switcher. You asked if the "torn and restored" effect can be done with a signed card? Indeed, it can. Hell, how about a double signed transposition? Ask a spec to sign a card, and you sign a card. You can place your signed card in the "Switcher", and right under their nose you can pull their signed card out. RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSE. I mean they can be BURNING your hands... there are no moves! It's done.. make your magical gesture, and show that you have THEIR signed card, and they (in their hands, in their pocket, their wallet.. wherever!) have your signed card.

The workings behind this are none other than ingenious! I know, because as I mentioned in my review... I came up with the same principle myself! I was smiling on the inside for months, until I eventually came across this! >_<

It is remarkable. The question shouldn't be "can it be done signed", as I don't think it NEEDS to be. It's one of THE most VISUALLY IMPOSSIBLE changes I have ever seen.

You will not be disappointed! 'Nuff said =o)


PS. This is definately one of those "wish I could keep it to myself" utility devices =oP

PostPosted: Oct 21st, '07, 23:31
by Johnny
The trick where the card 'flips over in the zone' is called Card Warp.

The trick where a card is put into a plastic wallet, shaken and changes to another card is Masuda's WOW.


PostPosted: Oct 22nd, '07, 17:54
by JD
Masuda's WOW! Thats the one! Cheers Johny! :D Can anyone compare the two, in that are they similar or is one better than the other? Cheers!

PostPosted: Oct 23rd, '07, 11:42
by Sym
Ah yeah, Wow! Is indeed a great effect. Ok, to compare:

Both effects switch out one card for another.
Both effects allow you to prove that the indifferent card is right there.

Wow! Pro's - Extremely visual
Wow! Con's - Only change FROM one card, to any other

I think that Wow! would be great for someone who performs to many different people. If you are someone who mainly performs for friends, they are gonna notice eventually that it's always the same card you change FROM (unless you buy a few!).

Switcher Pro's - Highly visual, customisable for any card/stock
Switcher Con's - Umm... errr...

Switcher can be (easily) customised to suit any card/stock from/to. For this reason alone, it is still (in my eyes) superior for the casual performer. Don't get me wrong, though... this is a workhorse!

It's really down to personal preference as to which one would be best! Why not buy them both? They are definitely both outstanding effects =o)



PostPosted: Oct 24th, '07, 18:52
by JD
Cheers Symtal!

Thats a big help, think I will have to invest in them both as soon as my next student loan comes in! :D

thanks for great review

PostPosted: Oct 29th, '07, 13:35
by seymourmagic
just thought I would say thanks for this review i plan to purchase this asap. thanks again

PostPosted: May 18th, '11, 12:09
by Mr Grumpy

My personal viewpoint is that it's way too easy to work out what's really going on. OK, the spec might not work out the full routine, but they don't have to. It doesn't take much sideways thinking to realise what's happening with the card between the other two cards and the elastic band.

Just my personal judgement. If you disagree, fair play to you. It's my judgement based on people I've performed for and how smart many of them are.

PostPosted: May 18th, '11, 12:11
by Mr Grumpy
After posting I realised how ancient the thread is. I think it's fine to bump up an old post if you're being positive but it's kind of irrational in a way to reawaken an old post just to criticise the effect. Sorry! Kind of too late now. I found the post while googling for something and didn't think to check the date.

Maybe lots of people have performed this and found that I'm wrong and specs _don't_ suss the method?

PostPosted: May 18th, '11, 12:17
by Ted
The Devil's Tailor wrote:It's my judgement based on people I've performed for and how smart many of them are.

I really think you need to find a new audience, based on some recent posts :)

PostPosted: May 18th, '11, 12:52
by Mr Grumpy
Yes, they're either too mean or too smart!

Though the mean ones: I was performing a lot late at night in pubs, which I've now stopped doing. I was going out evenings, performing and handing out business cards. I now go out mornings and afternoons and perform mainly for people who haven't been drinking for the past six hours, which seems to work better for me.