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Tenyo Ultimate Shocking Pen

PostPosted: Nov 25th, '07, 23:23
by AlvinLuo

This brilliant magic trick enables the magician to stab a pen through a dollar bill, and instantly restore the bill. Tenyo has obtained manufacturing rights from creator Doug Edwards, and has produced the prop with a brand new mechanism. Slip this into your pocket, and you'll always be ready with the ultimate pocket trick.

£17.99 from

Difficulty Level: 3
1 (Easy/Self-Working) - 5 (Advanced)

I have bought a Pen Through Dollar and I am not sure what is the specific name as it was few years ago. Basically the Pen Through Dollar has extra gimmick which we need to handle carefully during performance.

However, for this Tenyo Ultimate Shocking Pen, the gimmick itself is inside the pen and it is pretty clean and can let specatator to check it too. You can show your hands empty and let the spectator check the pen and you bring the pen back and perform. After perform you can either have the pen to let the spectator to have a quick examine or just keep it.

I am not sure whether some of you have tried out this pen before but it seems like very few magic shops selling this. It is a really good quality pen and I can say this is the best pen through dollar so far !

Tenyo's products are pretty cool and the quality are good too. For this Ultimate Shocking Pen, I would give overall 10/10 for this tricks as once you practice the sleight and it would be a killer effect ! Although it is expensive, but it's worth investing some cash into it and the pen can be refilled ! I bought Pen Through Dollar bill from some magic shop and the quality not that good and yet the pen is unwritable !! It costs me around £10 for that.