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Revelations Shirt

PostPosted: Dec 28th, '07, 00:21
by lozey

Price $40 ($34 for members)

They say :

'The Revelations Shirt looks just like a very cool black t-shirt with a few hip, understated designs, but hidden in the graphics of the shirt are SEVEN incredible revelations including three different selected cards, the date on a borrowed coin, a classic mathematical force, and even two different ESP symbols! Perfect for both magicians and mentalists, the Revelations Shirt is the ultimate secret weapon!

I say :

I really like this shirt. The design on the front looks similar to a 'diesal' brand shirt. As well as the forces designs and date on the front, there are also esoteric symbols such as zodiac signs, snakes and a few different stars which some magicians might be able to work with. The shirt comes with a separate tag which Jay advises to be sewn into another shirt, but could be used with this shirt (as it is in the video)

One thing that might be a problem for some guys is the sizing of the shirt. You need to wear the shirt loose to enable you to fold it over across your chest. I'm a woman with a 40inch chest and a 'large' size in this shirt is only just big enough for me . They only do one size larger (X-Large) So some guys might not be able to get a size big enough to fit them.

The dvd is good quality. There were a few forces on the dvd that I didn't know, and they were taught quite well.

Overall I'd give this a 9/10. Great price (especially at current exchange rates), incredibly easy to use and can produce different effects