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Linking Finger Ring (Top Hat Productions)

PostPosted: Jan 14th, '08, 23:30
by lozey

Cost : around £40
From : Local magic dealer

I liked the effect of the linking finger rings after I saw Osterlind perform it on his Mind Mysteries set. However I dont like the himber rings. I have never seen a regular ring that looks like a himber ring. This means that your ring is not going to closely match a spectators if you are switching it into a routine.

This is a signet style ring that is electroplated with gold. It is recomended that you get it engraved so that you can tell which way up the mechanism is. It looks very sylish and is quite a small size (about an 'S' in UK sizing).

The one problem with this is that the ***** is a lot smaller than on the himber rings, which makes it a bit more difficult to use, especially when you are linking 3 or more rings together as opposed to just 2.

You get a small sheet of instructions with this, but I thought they were very unclear, so you may wish to look else where for routines. The skill level for this depends on what routine you are using.

Overall: 7/10