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Jardonnet Wallet (Aka Caps On Fire)

PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '08, 12:34
by Jjtee

Well I got this item for my birthday from my uni friends, and thought that a review was in order. They went all the way to Davenport's to get me something, the lovely chums!

What they say:
Effect A card is freely selected and signed by a spectator, which is then returned to the deck and lost. The magician hands the deck to the spectator, and then removes his wallet. As he opens it, flames up to 8 inches shoot out of the top! He quickly shuts the wallet and sets it on the table. Money really can burn a hole in your pocket! After a moment, he decides to try again. He opens the wallet and it looks exactly like a normal, everyday wallet! Showing his hands empty, he opens a small zippered compartment and removes the spectator's signed card! Normal Size - Fits Easily in Trousers Pockets! Hand-Made in France of High Quality Materials! You Can Use It As Your Everyday Wallet - Room For Money and Slots for Credit Cards!

The Effect:

Pretty much as described above. A card is selected and lost in the deck, preferably signed. The magician reaches for his wallet which he opens to reveal a burst of flames. With the finale being the reveal of the card in a zipped compartment.

Around £25

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

I'd give this a 3. There are a few slights used, including card control shuffles etc, and P***ing a card. But those who know the general way that these wallets work should have no problem!

Being pretty new to magic this gift was an awesome leap forward in terms of the props that I have. The wallet is inconspicious, looking like a very nice standard leather wallet (although it is in fact PVC). It basically peforms two functions, the card to wallet effect and the fire creation. Although 8 inches is possible, I've never dared to soak it with too much lighter fluid as it has a habbit of remaining lit after you shut the wallet if there is too much lighterfluid around. The fire creation gimmick is separate from the normal opening of the wallet, allowing a brief inspection of the contents of your wallet (by yourself) without revealing it. At the start the lighter is a bit stiff, but that tends to loosen making creating the spark a little easier and less hit and miss. The gimmick is held in place with fireproof bits of plastic(?) or some fire retardent material. If it comes loose one can always use glue to stick it back (as suggested in the manual).

The card to wallet compartment is also nicely designed, with the secret slide in being very nicely hidden in the notes section. Very easy to load, and the reveal of the card from the zippered compartment is very nice.

The instructions are indeed brief, seemingily aimed at people with some experience in the matter (considering the product is strictly for over 18s due to the obvious and evident fire risks). Just a small piece of paper, but more than sufficient to work the item.

The routine supplied works wonderfully. The fire explosion hasn't failed to shock, and provides a great gap between the reveal of their card making it hard for them to piece together what had happened and even harder to recall what happened. Obviously the effects can be used stand alone, with the fire wallet being nice when you've put a borrowed bill in the wallet, and the card to wallet being nice when fire safety is an issue.
On that note I do advise you don't do the trick in flammable area...or near fire detectors (smoke created is very very minimal).

Just a bit afraid of metal detectors, and the question...why does you wallet seem to be able to catch fire? Not so good being in London.

If there are any other routines people have come up with please PM me, as I'm always up for learning more!

The wallet is wonderful, but just be careful with the fire gimmick!

PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '08, 20:09
by FRK
Great review,

How long would you think the lighter fluid would last before drying up?



PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '08, 21:37
by Jjtee
I'm not entirely sure...I haven't left it for more than an hour. I'll try leaving it for a while though and get back to you. Shouldn't be a problem as the gimmick seals shut with a small magnet clasp.

PostPosted: Apr 19th, '08, 14:11
by Jjtee
Well I tried leaving the gas in the wallet for a day and there appeared to be no discernable difference from newly sprayed lighter fluid, so I'm guessing no problems. Saying that I do use the standard gas in the aerosol can, and not Zippo fluid. I wonder if anyone has tried Zippo fluid and seen a difference?

I'm not too fond with the "Money sometimes burns a hole in my wallet gag", I tend to prefer an equal shock as the spectators reaction. "Did you do that?!" Or "That happens sometimes" seems to go down a bit better.

My pal*ing needs much to be desired, my hands are either too small, or my misdirection is just terrible. Most likely both.

PostPosted: Apr 19th, '08, 15:53
by TheAlkhemist07
I use fluid and that works ok but you need to leave the fire thingy a bit before using it because the flint is 'wet'.
I find that its quite hard to get it going at first tho'