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Factory Sealed

PostPosted: Feb 3rd, '08, 00:49
by SlieghtOfHand

*Hey guys. Just want to point out that this is my first review, so bear with me, and please let me know what I can add for the future.*


OK. Overall, this effect is amazing. The method is absolute genius, and this trick gets great reactions.


The magician takes a full water bottle, and shows it empty. He then shows a coin in his hand and places it behind the water bottle. The spectator can see the coin behind the bottle. The magicians slowly releases his hands, and the coin stays. The bottle is shaken, and then, the spectators realize the magic has happened, and the coin is in the bottle. Then the best part, the bottle is factory sealed! There are no gimmicks, holes, or anything you are thinking of! The coin is then poured out, and can be examined (as well as the bottle). Everything can be kept.

Teaching Quality[/u]

The teaching is phenomenal. Justin Miller is the teacher, and he shows everything you need to know including angles, all the operation techniques, and bottle preferences (although I'm pretty sure all bottles work).


- Set-up is extremely minimal/ and quick.
- Can be done anywhere, anytime. All you need is a coin/ bottle.
- I think this is the best part... It can be done in your hands, or the spectators (amazing version).
- Amazed even me when I do it.
- Can be fully examined.
-You can prove bottle is sealed.


- Some angles (very easy to find the right angles, and they are very minimal). Although one version can be done completely surrounded!

NOTE: For Pros and Cons, I will edit things in when I think of them.

I highly recommend this effect (taught in DVD). It is a 9/10 for me. It is definitely worth the 30 dollars. It has many performance clips, which really add to the video's teaching (and entertainment style).

This is not a Coin In Bottle routine.... It is the Coin in bottle routine....

Let me know what you think.



PostPosted: Feb 3rd, '08, 02:04
by callmecg
I like the method in which the penitration can be done surrounded,very good illusion. The other method is way to angle sensitive for my liking.

PostPosted: Feb 3rd, '08, 03:25
by Noodlesoup
I think there is an extensive review of this DVD already, including the other Ellusionist CIB (Bullet). You can go to that thread instead:

PostPosted: Feb 3rd, '08, 19:39
by SlieghtOfHand
OK. I'll check out that review. I guess I missed it with the search feature.

Any ideas on how to make mine better in the future?