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PostPosted: Feb 29th, '08, 14:04
by dat8962

The Effect

Show a deck of normal cards inside it's case. Open it and take out the cards. The case then magically reduces in size to a just over an inch long. Ribbon spread the deck to show it is normal and you then ask the spec to select a card as you riffle through the deck.

The selected card then vanishes and reappears folded inside the miniture card case on the table.


Aournd the £10 mark

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

1 - this is very easy and you'll be performing this very soon.


This was one of the first demo's at Blackpool that I stopped to watch and it hit hard.

This is an absolute beaut of an opener for someone who works tables or trade shows etc. and it's such an easy one to perform. The introduction of a boxed deck of cards which is opened and then in an instant, shrinks into a miniture card case is extremely visual with it being so unexpected.

You then have the choice of performing the enclosed trick that uses a gaff card force with the reveal being inside the miniture case or you can just go into a normal card routine.

Eventually the gimmicked card case will wear but it will be very simple to make up some spares once you see the working of this.


Well priced, simple to perform, extremely visual - what more could you want?


PostPosted: Feb 29th, '08, 14:10
by Lord Freddie
Great review, I have pondered over this after watching the demo on Magic Box's website. It looks great and seems to be the sort of thing that'll get great reactions.

PostPosted: Feb 29th, '08, 16:36
by dat8962
As an opener I really do believe that this will grab people's attention. This is one that will go straight into my working routine.

Just love it!

PostPosted: Feb 29th, '08, 17:52
by bananafish
I agree, this is a fantastic opener. A real attention getter, and it leads in perfectly to anything else you want to do with a deck.

I just love Henry Evans's stand at Blackpool - what great guys they are. (although after the last few years they have cost me a pretty penny)

PostPosted: Jun 25th, '08, 10:13
by deanr201
Great trick, I have have had this for a while now, pre ordered it from

one thing I have found is I have made up my own gaff's as the small box of mine is a bit worn and looks shabby, also I can now open with either blue or red deck.

Personally its one of my favourite effects, I find that I remove the cards from the case and place the box on the table and quickly start with an effect, specs are still pondering over the box, I quickly move onto another card effect, before coming back to the the specs to choose a card, to show that even though they have just seen it, i can now count through the deck, showing all 51 cards, and then draw attention back to the box to reveal the card.

One thing I have found is a lot of people assume the effect is the shrinking card case, and by going straight into getting them to choose a card and then revealing it find that people start to assume where the card is as their attention is still with the mini card case.

PostPosted: Jul 12th, '08, 19:36
by Sleightech
This is a great effect. If you do buy it then open up the box you get, straight off, and colour copy it onto photo quality paper. That way if it get drink on it, it gets dirty, worn out, or you squash it in your pocket (as it's quite flimsy), you'll have plenty spare.