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PostPosted: Mar 27th, '08, 04:21
by VoodooMick

artemisdarcmagick wrote:What Routine is it - As i have one routine that always falls back in to my Act?

It's the one called Sorceror's Apprentice where you draw a pentagram on the back of a Tarot.
Which routine do you use?

PostPosted: Mar 27th, '08, 10:29
by Lyndon Webb
The Same, i had a strange feeling it would be that one!

PostPosted: Mar 27th, '08, 16:11
by VoodooMick
artemisdarcmagick wrote::D
The Same, i had a strange feeling it would be that one!

Oh well I don't know whether to laugh or cry now... up until now I hadn't encountered anyone else doing that routine.
You must stop using it now! My tarot cards said you must! Stop! ;)

PostPosted: Mar 27th, '08, 19:34
by black hart
You couldn't use your 'current' busines cards but you do get a set of business cards with the effect and they have the details that you want printed on them.

Keith Hart

Re: Ouja Card By Black Hart

PostPosted: May 6th, '15, 11:23
by black hart
Greetings from The Black Hart

Following the recent redesign of the Black Artefacts' website Ouija Card can now be found at:

The catalogue is now a stand alone website and should be much easier to navigate.

Keith Hart