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Rocky Racoon

PostPosted: Jan 6th, '04, 23:39
by mistress of magic

Not really magic but there wasn't a reveiw so I thought I'd do one.
The Effect
As I said, not really magic. Rocky Racoon, or one of his furry friends, is a puppet. He can eat out of your hand, play dead, nod/shake his head etc.
You can also buy a Zig Zag illusion for your furry friend, I've seen it at Daytona magic, there's a demo there under Zig Zag rocky not bought one though.

£23.99 from
They don't seem to be selling it here anymore but there is a demo
I'm not sure where else it's sold.

1/2 out of 5
The moves are pretty easy to master, but some work has to be done on getting them to look real.

Very good, I showed this to my 5 year old cousin the other day (memory like goldfish!) and he loved it, he says he is going to look after it when I go on holiday :lol: ! My other cousin (8, I think!) said he wanted to strangle it( :shock: worrying), but I don't think he ment it as he gave it a hug and said goodbye to it when he left. My neighbour thought it was real, and absolutley loves it. So what else can I say except if you deal with kids, I would seriously suggest buying one. I don't have a lot of magic at the moment that I feel would appeal to kids so this, for me, is a good way of entertaining them. I would watch though, some people may think it is real and be afraid of it, my gran for instance, so watch who you show this to.
I would definatly recomend this. 100/10!!!!!!!
By the way, also watch this around dogs, my neighbours dog was keeping a VERY close eye on it!!!!!

PostPosted: Jan 7th, '04, 01:12
by nickj
If you are slightly wary of the cute and cuddly look remeber that racoons are vicious killers and should therfore be handled with care. In fact why not stick them in a box and pull the middle out, the zig-zag rocky is pretty good, but you have to watch out for stray hair showing where it's not wanted. (this is not from performing experience, like most of my comments on reviews I've just had a play with it so it should come with practice)

PostPosted: Jan 7th, '04, 05:37
by magicdiscoman
plenty of scope for useing livestock vanishers like the take apart dove box for example, just a thought.

PostPosted: Jan 7th, '04, 11:08
by Mirage38
I have just viewd the David Williamson International video that was in my collection on 'David's Fabulous Raccoon' & it's just an amazing routine you really think that this raccon is alive & the end gag brings the whole routine to a great end 10/10.

PostPosted: Aug 3rd, '06, 14:25
by GeordieJester
V old thread,

but does anyone know who currently has best price on these ?


PostPosted: Aug 3rd, '06, 23:59
by EckoZero
I believe you're looking for something like this...?

At £10.99 it's a bargain!

PostPosted: Aug 4th, '06, 00:04
by Stephen Ward
That's a nice version, the actual rocky i think should be about £20.00. there is a video on spring animals as well

PostPosted: Aug 4th, '06, 08:28
by GeordieJester
cheers guys.

I think I would prefer to buy the original style rocky. It looks really lifelike at a glance, whereas some of the copies are clearly not.

It seems the copy versions are a lot easier to find !

PostPosted: Aug 4th, '06, 10:43
by Stephen Ward
I think JB magic stock them, i know they used to

PostPosted: Aug 4th, '06, 11:02
by the_mog

PostPosted: Aug 4th, '06, 11:11
by GeordieJester
hehe. nice clip.

and here is the man himself ... st%20magic

PostPosted: Aug 4th, '06, 17:13
by FlipBack
Man that is a hilarious clip. I was laughing like crazy the whole way through. Anyways I have seen Rocky used before and it always gets a great reaction. From the kids who think it is real and from the adults who (sometimes think its real) just get a kick out of how it moves. Great purchase, you cannot go wrong.

PostPosted: Aug 4th, '06, 17:35
by Mandrake
stephenmagic wrote:I think JB magic stock them, i know they used to
They still do, £22 plus P&P.

PostPosted: May 31st, '07, 19:53
by KingJeux.
So I see there is a Roxie, which is the cheapest non realistic version. But then there is Rocky and Robbie. Is there a difference between these too? I might have a kids show coming up and this looks like it would be great for it!

PostPosted: Sep 3rd, '07, 23:09
by loosecannont
i saw this done at the atlantic city tropicana in the magic shop. it was so funny the guy who did it really was funny and good at it. :lol: :lol: