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Wooden Wonders (and more!)

PostPosted: Jun 11th, '08, 15:04
by Tom Lauten

Ok everyone, you MUST have a look at the amazing John Rogers’ (amazing) website

Here is an artist whose skills need to be recognised and celebrated. What's more these items are very reasonably priced and available to you via his online (Paypal served)shop.I have a number of John’s fantastic hand made wooden props in my collection and have received even more today and I can’t wait to play with them.

Here are some personal favourites of mine (descriptions from John’s site)…

The filter magically jumps from end to end!
This wooden cigarette hides one of the most diabolical methods to be invented with cigarettes! That's right! You will be stunned when you learn the secret. This gaff is a Ron Jaxon idea!

DIABLO CIGAR (This is the same effect as the OUTSMOKIN gimmick but with a cigar)

A magical transformation like no other! A cigar changes to a cigarette instantly. No hard sleight of hand involved. This prop does all the hard work for you!

MAGIC PENCILS (Pencils that change color and a truly bizarre effect where the eraser on a full size pencil jumps from end to end!)

There is an awful lot more than just cigar and cigarette props on the site, that’s for sure so it’s best that you visit and have a look around! You MUST watch all of the demo videos offered on the product pages as John is a very good performer and demos most all of the props expertly. I have found John to be extraordinarily helpful and friendly chap and he has handled each of my orders with total efficiency and care.

The build quality of these individually crafted items is second to none and the thrill of receiving your very own is wonderful. Each prop of his I own is a treasured item and takes pride of place in my “bag of tricks”.

In this age of "off-the-shelf", plastic cast, factory made, digitally printed and generally disposable (impersonal) items, TRUE craftsmanship with REAL materials is a rare beast and a welcome change. Treat yourselves to a classic magical item (the way they used to be made) and add one (or many more) of John’s brilliant products to your own collection. You’ll be proud to own a future heirloom and perform some fun magic with it! Makes me feel good.....

PostPosted: Jun 12th, '08, 08:12
by bananafish
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I love well crafted props - and years later I am still doing Ron Jaxon's outsmokin - (I'm on my third hand made version) - so maybe it's time to invest in a wooden prop...

Nice find.

PostPosted: Apr 19th, '11, 23:10
by Mr Grumpy
Very old thread, but who cares when the products look this awesome.

Am I right in thinking that Outsmoking will be VERY angle sensitive? If not, then the method is rather more ingenious than the simple method that I'm imagining.

If it's angle-dodgy, possibly I'll skip it, but I do intend to get one of the torn and restored cigarettes and maybe one of the fake lit cigarettes. Though may be a pain to get them to the UK.

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '11, 08:16
by UYD
I can only second Tom here, albeit an old thread, I took delivery of some of Johns work this week and ill have pictures on the website / facebook soon.
They are quiet simply incredible pieces !
Ill post once the pictures are live in case anyone wants to see them
May I also add that John is a complete gentleman!

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '11, 13:39
by Mr Grumpy
Have been chatting to John. Seems like a very decent guy. Have ordered the cig with the filter that jumps from end to end and also the torn cig. Very excited as the first one will make a great opener.

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '11, 19:28
by UYD
You will not be disappointed
I have Cig to Cigar, droopy ash cig, and a lit cig to half ash cig
All are excellent quality, the way they are made makes any move a dream.
In fact I fully intend to go out on my motorbike with an open face helmet with the droopy ash cig in my mouth :-) Should get a few looks at 70 on the motorway...
I have nothing but praise and time for John.

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '11, 21:14
by jim ferguson
The Devil's Tailor wrote:Have ordered the cig with the filter that jumps from end to end
    If you are interested in thread work you should check out Ron Jaxons site (the creator of the effect you ordered), his thread stuff is amazing.
The guy who makes these wooden props is very talented indeed, they look fantastic.
    I wondered if youd be so kind as to offer your thoughts on the piece for the torn and restored cigarette when youve tried it out ? I learned this from the Magic of Michael Ammar and can see the benefit of this prop over a real stub.

PostPosted: Apr 23rd, '11, 00:50
by Mr Grumpy
I've been hugely excited about these items since the moment I first saw the website, and continue to be, especially after reading the above. Not sure I get the ref to IT work. Am going to sell my IT and DVDs as I really dislike that sort of stuff. I just find it very irritating and fiddly. Just a personal thing. Can't see how any of the above has anything to do with thread work, but I haven't received the products yet so of course I may be missing something!

PostPosted: Apr 23rd, '11, 17:50
by jim ferguson
The Devil's Tailor wrote: Can't see how any of the above has anything to do with thread work, but I haven't received the products yet so of course I may be missing something!
    The thread has nothing to do with the wooden products :) I mentioned it because Ron specialises in thread work, although he does do many other things (he designed the effect you ordered).

PostPosted: Apr 23rd, '11, 19:57
by Mr Grumpy
Ah. Now I understand!

I can't bear thread work, though admittedly I only dabbled in it briefly. I did find it irritatingly fiddly though.