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Mirage Coin Set by Craig Petty

PostPosted: Jul 3rd, '08, 16:51
by Michael Jay

The Effect: Various transpositions, vanishes, penetrations, etc. based on this coin set, which cannot be found anywhere on the market except in this set. Included with the Mirage coin set is a DVD, giving a very detailed explanation by Craig Petty (inventor of this set) with David Penn asking questions to ensure that everything is covered in the teaching part of the DVD.

Cost: The preorder cost is £95.00 and available at World Magic Shop.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

I would rate this a 3 to 4, not only for the sleights, but for the depth of routining that is involved. These are not routines that are offered as throw away routines just to get you started, but rather they are field tested in front of real audiences that have been polished to the proper level, which makes them routines that you can learn and immediately put them into your close up work, as is.

Review: The first thing I have to say is that I consider Craig to be a good friend of mine. While I've never met him, we have corresponded over the years and that's pretty close without actually being there.

I first became aquainted with Craig's work five years ago, when he started contributing material to an online library that I run. I personally find his work to be excellent and I appreciate the layers that he builds into his routines - very deceptive indeed. So, even back then, I could see that he was going places with magic because his thinking is analogous to the old masters (as well as the new masters).

I explain all of this because I want it fully understood, before I begin, that I already have a high opinion of Craig and his work. But, I also want it understood that my name is all that I have in this industry and to give a review wherein I lie just to scrub the back of a friend or someone whom I admire would be to sully my name and reputation. I simply won't have that.

So, make of that what you will.

I'll start with the coin set itself.

For one moment, I'm going to skip the routines that this set is used for and consider it as a purchase all to itself. Questions have been asked as to whether or not this is a brand new idea or the conglomeration of existing coins already on the market. Well, that's a yes and no question.

Can you buy coin gimmicks that are similar? Yes.

Can you find this particular coin set anywhere else? No.

This particular coin set would have to be custom made to do what it does. There are uses for this coin set outside of what is offered on the DVD. In fact, I sat down and priced out the cost of putting this set together, not including the customization that would have to be done to make this set what it is. The figure that I came up with is $175.00. So, if you buy this set, it will replace $175.00 of other coins that you simply would not need to buy, if you were of a mind to use these coins in other, unrelated coin effects (and you certainly can). Dollars to pounds means that the set is valued at 87 pounds sterling - that is without the proper customization that makes this set what it is and without the DVD giving you a tutorial on sleights and specific routines.

What this comes down to is deciding if this set is actually worth the cost. I must give an overwhelming yes to this question. It is a more than reasonable use of money and I cannot imagine anyone feeling buyer's remorse upon looking at these coins. The quality is superb, the ideas behind this set are superb, everything about this purchase is superb.

Moving into the routines that are possible with this coin set, there are 7 altogether on the DVD that is included with the set.

Silver Switch - a multi phase copper silver routine which happens in the spectator's hands. As a kicker finale both coins vanish into thin air.

Hide and Seek Coins - a combination of coins across and a coin assembly with a chinese coin, a copper coin and a silver coin. As a finale the coins are used to find a selected playing card from a pack of 52 cards.

International Reverse Matrix - Craig's favourite effect for Trade Show's, this routine has it all. An international matrix with a reverse kicker that you WILL use.

Impossible Coins Across - Craig's commercial stand up coins across routine. Each phase gets more and more deceptive until all four coins have jumped from one hand to another.

Penaskin - A 5 phase routine where coins penetrate through the hand of the performer. Each penetration becomes more visual until the final phase which happens in the spectator's hand.

Wild Hanging Coins - The perfect stand up wild coin. Three silver coins are produced, one by one change into copper and then finally vanish into thin air. This one is pure eye candy.

Mirage Box - A true reputation maker which has to be seen to be believed. Four coins jump into and out of a small brass box with each moment of magic becoming more impossible.

Next up are the sleights taught in this DVD.

  • Several different vanishes
  • Mickey Mouse Move
  • Gesticulated Change Over
  • Multiple Click Pass
  • Silent Multiple Coin Palm Transfer
  • Shuttle Pass
  • L'Homme Mask
  • Hand Wash with Pinch Production
  • Ramsey Subtlety
  • Various Sleights Specific to the Mirage Gimmick

All proper crediting is given by Craig when explaining these different sleights. With all of the explanations, Craig goes into an in depth discussion of them, sharing handling nuances and subtle techniques to really sell these sleights. Generally, I find DVDs to be secondary to books, but in this particular part of the DVD, the actual teaching of these sleights is exceptional. Craig simply does not take anything for granted where the viewer is concerned - he honestly goes out of his way to teach the viewer everything that they could possibly need to know with each and every sleight.

As a result, while some of the tricks that you'll find in this offering are a higher level of handling than a beginner would be capable of, a beginner could still study what Craig is teaching them and be able to pull off any of these routines. That alone makes this purchase a good buy and I recommend it to anyone of any skill level.

Because this is being kept low key as to exactly what the gaffed coins are that are included in this set, I cannot discuss certain sleights that are taught. That is covered in the "Various Sleights Specific to the Mirage Gimmick" point above. The nature of this coin set means that there are several sleights that are specific to the set and in that part of the tutorial, you're actually being taught around a half dozen sleights. So, don't let the few sleights that I've covered above fool you - this is a solid chunk of the DVD.

I consider myself to be a competent coin man, yet still I learned from watching Craig's explanations of the sleights. Only one of the sleights was something that I wasn't familiar with, but I now have a new tool to use! I also learned a couple of really nice subtleties that I hadn't given consideration to in my own work. For me, this is the real gold these days - nuances and subtleties. Furthermore, you could take the sleights that Craig teaches on this and apply them to your own work, regardless of the coin set that is included in this purchase. In other words, what you learn in the sleight section of this DVD is of great value in and of itself. I won't say that it is worth the purchase price alone, but it does lend great deal of value in the package that you receive.

Lastly, at one point when discussing the various vanishes on offer, Craig gives a tip of the hat to Bobo. He rather half laughs when suggesting Bobo, almost as if to say just how cliched such a suggestion is. I don't know why, but that brought a broad smile to my face...Anyway, I appreciated that Craig suggested the Bobo book to the viewer/student - a book that belongs in every coin man's library, if not every magician's library in general. I can't help but wonder just how many magicians with DVDs on the market suggest that book to their viewers - not many, I'm guessing. Well done, Craig.

Overall: There is just so much here, it is hard to know exactly what to say at this point. The coin set in conjunction with what can be accomplished makes my brain numb. You can do an international three fly. You can do an international matrix (with reverse). The Okito box work is amazing. You can do a transposition of two different types of coins in the spectator's hands.

The possibilities beyond what Craig teaches you in endless. Sadly, I can see that in a few years, once this set is mainstream item (and you can quote me right now, I do believe that this coin set is destined to become a mainstream item in coin workers repertoires) that this will become a knocked off, ripped off item.

The layers in the routines that Craig teaches on the DVD are the usual, quality thinking that I've come to know Craig for. Simple, little subtleties that are proving techniques are just a matter of course in these routines - and that is what makes them as powerful as they are. The real value in this set is that it is a starting point and, with a modicum of creativity, you will be making your own routines and going beyond what Craig is offering.

Considering the routines taught, the sleights taught and the coin set that you get, this is well worth every penny.

Highly recommended.


PostPosted: Jul 3rd, '08, 22:17
by dat8962
I also have to admit to knowing Craig and have met him on a number of occasions , the last time being at the Leamington day of Magic last week.

I shared a lengthy conversation with Craig and a couple of other members and it was apparent how much attention to detail Craig had put into the making of these coins and he told us of how the first sets were rejected etc.

The demo of a number of routines was very smooth indeed and I'd agree with everything that Michael has written above. There is something old and also something new but you won't be able to get a coin set similar to this anywhere else.

The routines are smooth and fast paced and there's something for everyone. I think that this will be a big seller for Craig and World Magic Shop and deservingly so.

PostPosted: Jul 4th, '08, 10:41
by pcwells

I think you forgot to mention how absolutely wonderful, first-class and tremendous the DVD production was. Wonderfully shot, expertly edited, and beautifully authored.

The work of a true master, methinks!


PostPosted: Jul 4th, '08, 15:04
by Michael Jay
By the way, I almost forgot to mention how absolutely wonderful, first-class and tremendous the DVD production is - it is a wonderfully shot, expertly edited, and beautifully authored part of this purchase.

In fact, the DVD runs two and a half hours long and leaves no stone unturned regarding the Mirage Coin Set and how to use it.

(Thank you Mr. Wells for pointing this out!)

(Also, thank you Mr. Taylor for the further input on this thread!)


PostPosted: Jul 4th, '08, 15:58
by I.D
I met Craig a month or so back and he demo'd Quick Change for me..

He then demo'd some of the effects on the DVD using the Mirage coin set.. had my mouth watering..

Craig is a great bloke and was on hand to give me loads of advice.. he even gave me his mobile number :P

He never gave me a free review copy though so he's not all that nice a bloke :lol:

PostPosted: Jul 4th, '08, 16:42
by pcwells
There's one important point that should be kept in mind as the buzz builds over the Mirage Coin set...

What most people are going to rave about is the scope of the set's reach.

It really is the swiss army knife of gaffed coins. There's a hell of a lot going on here, and yet it all fits together snugly and logically.

BUT - What's more important to my mind, is the fact that you don't need to use every property of the Mirage set for every routine you do. Users of the Mirage set won't have to work copper, silver and chinese coins into every routine they do - they can pick and choose whatever works best.

This is made obvious if you look closely at the routines Craig put on the disc. many of them follow familiar plots, but either make things easier, more logical, or add a neat twist that might not have been possible otherwise. But he's not afraid to leave part of the set in his pocket if it doesn't suit the needs of the routine.

Sometimes less is more - and the Mirage set lets you have that too.

It's fab. I just wish I had the money for one!

PostPosted: Jul 18th, '08, 11:15
by Rob
Oh dear :(

Could somebody please pass me a hanky...I appear to be drooling :shock:

I take it a standard 3 Fly Routine (as opposed to an International one) would be possible with this set? (Actually, please tell me it's not, and save my poor, battered PayPal accound from further abuse!!!)


PostPosted: Jul 18th, '08, 12:54
by Michael Jay
Actually, using three standard half dollars and one of the gimmicks included with this set would allow you to do a standard three fly.

So, the answer is yes.


PostPosted: Jul 18th, '08, 12:56
by Rob

Curse you, Mr. Jay - how very dare you tickle my CUPS in such a seductive fashion :wink:

PostPosted: Jul 18th, '08, 13:08
by Michael Jay
One guy described this set as "The Swiss army knife" of coin sets. It really is. I was being honest when I said it would replace $175.00 of other coins (gaffed, that is).


PostPosted: Jul 18th, '08, 13:57
by Chris
Craig rules he's a really nice bloke, he came an demod a month ago at our club, he keeps bringing out some rock solid stuff!

PostPosted: Jul 18th, '08, 14:26
by Rob

PayPal payment sent...


......Checks date.......

.........Looks out of window for postman........

.............Whaddayamean, its a Pre-order?!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:


PostPosted: Jul 30th, '08, 11:34
by Rob

Just got an email from those nice chappies at World Magic Shop: My Mirage set has shipped today. :D

[Stares out of window, wishing it was tomorrow]

PostPosted: Jul 30th, '08, 16:04
by magicdiscoman
rob you'll have so many gimicks with thus lot you'll be able to start your own shop. :D
i'd be interested in the make up of the gimicks as i'll be in the market to replace some of the gimicks that well.... erm ...... you have. :wink:

PostPosted: Jul 30th, '08, 16:24
by Rob
I'll be in touch Jason - suffice to say, if there's any of the gaffs in this set that I bought from you, I'd be happy to offer you yours back (and I won't even put a mark-up on 'em :wink: :lol: )