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Gold Rush - Ronjo Magic

PostPosted: Jul 21st, '08, 20:41
by Rob

The Effect
Three glittering gold nuggets are shown to a spectator. Two of the nuggets are placed in the magician's hand, and the other is placed in his pocket. The magician then opens up his hand to reveal that all of the nuggets are back in his hand. The gold he placed in his pocket has mysteriously traveled back to his hand!

This is repeated, and each time the gold nugget placed in the magician's pocket somehow travels back to his hand. Just when the audience thinks they know how this is happening, all of the gold nuggets vanish and are magically turned into an 1864 gold coin replica!

Easy To Master!

Real Gold Plating!

Comes complete with gold nuggets, gold coin replica, and detailed instructions explaining how to perform this goldmine of an illusion!!!

£14.72 - from

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Overall, I'd give this a three, although the one sleight used is pretty darn easy.

I actually got this pre-owned, as part of a small job lot that I acquired, and hell, was I impressed!

I've recently bought quite a bit of gaffed stuff, so to go back to an effect that relies on sleights-only (albeit just the one), was refreshing.

The thing that hit me was the premise behind the effect, and the reactions that it achieves, which is mainly due to the provided props.

I'm kinda' tempted to switch out the cast 'nuggets' for some pieces of Fool's Gold, and maybe a more authentic looking gold-plated coin, but this does work - an create an impact - exactly as supplied.

Don't imagine that you'll receive anything earth-shattering, because you'll be disappointed. Do imagine delight and bafflement in your audience, though - this is one, lovely jaw-dropper!


4/5 - If the supplied props had been just a little more substantial, it'd have been a solid 5 - a themed close-up miracle, at it's finest!


PostPosted: Jul 22nd, '08, 12:19
by Lenoir
The only reason I would purchase this is to get the gold nuggets, the working seems pretty simple...or at least it can be achieved simply!

Do like the idea of the gold nuggets though!

PostPosted: Jul 22nd, '08, 13:56
by bmat
At a renaissance fair I purchased some imitation pieces of 8 of differing sizes. They are pretty realistic looking. From another effect I have some gold nuggets. I use them as a standard two in the hands one in the pocket. The gold lumps for the main effect and end with a large piece of Eight

I would also turn a clump of gold into a piece of eight and then to a half dollar.

The problem is people are really interested in the piece of eight or the gold lump. It is the problem with using odd coins etc, people going yeah that was pretty cool let me see that gold!

The solution is to frame the effect properly. For example the first effect would relate to pirate lore. so the props made sense and are not out of place.
Just thought I'd throw that in here.