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the amazing magical wonder deck

PostPosted: Aug 16th, '08, 00:46
by magicdiscoman

The Effect the amazing magical wonder deck

available from waterstones.

Cost £11.99 / $15.95
Isbn-10 1-59474-036-4
isbn-13 978-1-59474-036-7

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Review what you get is a poker sized deck of emperor cards by imperial which are stripped and marked, a booklet detailing tricks using the cards special principles and a gimmick set to compliment the cards also stripped and marked.
Supplemental cards:- trap door jack, great for a sponge ball or pencil, very well constructed and worth the price on its own.
The death defying ace of clubs, a hole card surprise.
King /queen cards (4)
Jack of nine.
Double back.
Double seven of hearts.
Ace/eight fan card.
Gimmicked four of diamonds and four of spades.
Double blank (2).
Two of hearts/clubs and two of clubs/hearts.

Overall:- this set is well constructed and of good quality comes packaged in a nice cardboard box with full colour printing and has enough tricks to keep you going for a wile and gives you plenty of ideas.
It also allows you to perform many tricks easily to improve your performance skills while you learn sleights from such tomes as royal road, not as easy to read as some decks but nothing that won’t come with a bit of practise.

PostPosted: Aug 16th, '08, 09:18
by Lenoir
From Waterstones doesn't sound to bad! Shame they're not Bikes, but I need a new book, so this can be an accompanying purchase down at Waterstones.

PostPosted: Aug 16th, '08, 16:21
by Ian The Magic-Ian
That sounds like quite a full deck. :D

PostPosted: Aug 16th, '08, 18:42
by magicdiscoman
worth taking a copy of the isbn with you as I'm not shure how widespread thease babies are, mine has mark wilsons complete course as well.

PostPosted: Aug 17th, '08, 09:37
by magicofthemind
Available from Amazon UK at £7.91!