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The Invisible Hand by Michel

PostPosted: Aug 22nd, '08, 00:26
by dat8962

Although this is a DVD set being reviewed I have placed it in the review section for props as you need the Invisible Hand device (prop) in order to perform the content and the device is now available separately.

The Effect

Michael is a successful performer devoted to the Hold Out work since 1976 and this DVD set is the result of those thirty years of work and research.

The Invisible Hand is an amazing device that allows you to perform miracle effects in close up, parlour or stage magic at any moment during your act. In this DVD set you will learn 29 astonishing effects.

In Volume One, you’ll see the history of the Hold Out and the background of the Invisible Hand. You’ll see the legendary Kepplinger, an original Jack Miller Hold Out and other models. Furthermore, you’ll find a detailed description of the Invisible Hand, setting, basic moves and advanced techniques and subtleties. Finally, you’ll watch and learn one of the most beautiful effects you can do with the Invisible Hand, “The Silk Story”.

In the second DVD, you’ll learn in detail more than ten powerful parlour routines. These are professional and audience tested routines Watch and learn amazing and wonderful versions of Rising Card, Cut and Restored Rope, Bending Spoon, Dancing Silk, Bill in Pen, Newspaper Test and many more.

The third DVD explains incredible stage and close up effects. Moreover you’ll find a unique version of the famous Vanishing Birdcage in which the magician takes off his coat in front of the audience after the vanishing. INCREDIBLE!

To see a promo video visit


The Invisible Hand 3 DVD set approximately £65 from Mike Danata with free postage.
The Invisible Hand Device – just out and waiting for a price
The DVD set and Device – as above

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Depends on your presentation skills but for use I’d say it’s a firm 3 but it’s aimed squarely at the experienced magician and rightly so.


This set first came to my attention through an advert in the current edition of Magic magazine and it sounded very interesting indeed. I then looked on the Vernet web site (link above ) and watched the promo video and I was instantly sold. Everyone wants to perform magic like that at close quarters and I just had to have this DVD. It’s sat on the side of my desk for just over a week now and I’ve finally got around to opening it up.

The first DVD delves into the history of the hold out move and it’s certainly interesting to know the history of the Hold Out and how it has applied over the ages. The description of the Invisible Hand device, which is a development of the Hold Out is described in very good detail, so much so that you could easily use this as a blueprint and make your own device from scratch or by adapting a Raven. The instructions for set up are also included for this purpose and you could get the bits needed quite easily and put them together with a few tools for what I suspect will be a fraction of a ready-made device from Vernet (Murphy’s have it listed at $55).

The first DVD ends with a presentation and in-depth explanation of “The Silk Story” which is just a beautiful routine and one that I don’t think will take that long to learn.

The second DVD is devoted to parlour effects and features a number of routines performed at a lecture and then the explanations have been filmed separately. What you get is all of the performances back to back and then the explanations afterwards instead of being shown between each routine. This is a format that I personally prefer. What surprised me, and at the same time showed the versatility of the Invisible Hand was that a number of these routines were mentalism routines. There is a fantastic routine that uses a light bulb to predict a chosen and lost card in the deck. The bulb is lit up in the hands yet the technique is so simple and the device makes this possible. The bulb is inspected and the hands shown to be clean throughout the routine.

DVD three is devoted to close-up and stage routines and this was my favourite of the three DVD’s – not to say that the other two weren’t good. The coin vanishes and appearances are fantastic but the sucker trick using three dummies and a squeaker is just fantastic in its simplicity.


So, is the DVD set worth the price?

Definitely not! Don’t buy this, it's a waste of money and I want it all to myself. :roll: :wink:

OK then – this is an absolutely beautifully produced DVD in film quality, packaging and content. You’ll get the inside track on some of the most visual magic routines that you could present to an audience and it’s worth every penny.

This has made me start to re-think what I do now, and how I can enhance it using the Invisible Hand. However, you do need to appreciate that Michel has over 30 years expereince with the Hold Out so lots of practice is going to be an essential ingredient.

This is perhaps one of the best DVD’s that I’ve ever bought. I’ve just got to get the device sorted now.

Rob Stanley - this is CUPS heaven :wink:

PostPosted: Aug 22nd, '08, 09:05
by lindz
Oh Dat why did you have to say it was good, I have been thinking about a hold out for a while but there's still so much stuff on my list. If the missuss ever kicks me out I'm gonna blame you lot :twisted:

PostPosted: Aug 22nd, '08, 16:37
by dat8962
:lol: bump this one to the top Lindz :lol:

I've just ordered the device this morning so it should be here next week. Twas £35 from Mike so you're looking at around £100 for both but for this I think that it's well worth it.

If you're seriously interested in getting this quickly then speak to Mike asap as he's ordering mine and should be able to add more to his next order as needed.

You may want to get th DVD first though and have a go at making your own but this will take time to shop for the bits and put them together. If you've got the time and a few basic tools then you'll save yourself around £25 or so. You're going to need a weight (fishing ledger should be ideal), crocodile clip, nylon thread, some elastic and a clip/anchor. It's the knowhow of putting them together, fitting it and switching it on, to standby and then off that is the real secret to its use..... and it's not electrical :wink:

If you just can't be arsed to make it (like me :oops: ) then order the DVD and device package and enjoy a little discount.

What is nice about this device is that it can be easily installed and removed from jackets and you can take the jacket off and hang it over the back of a chair without it being visible.

I've also got stuff waiting to be opened but when the device comes, everything else is going on hold for this.

PostPosted: Aug 22nd, '08, 16:42
by dat8962
BE AWARE - to perform a few of the effects on the DVD you will need some of the accessories which can be made from stuff that you probably already have or can get hold easily and cheaply.

Personally, I don't see this as being much of an issue and the DVD explains all.

PostPosted: Aug 22nd, '08, 17:03
by lindz
Does sound excellent but it will have to wait a few weeks at least until the funds build up :( As for making it myself PAH I want professional quality not the c*** (not the best) I am liable to make, I couldn't even put a wardrobe together if I tried :oops:


PostPosted: Aug 26th, '08, 22:16
by danata
Both are in stock now!

Best Wishes

Mike Danata

PostPosted: Aug 30th, '08, 13:29
by dat8962
The Effect

The Invisible Hand device by Michel.


£35 from

In stock now and with free postage.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Difficulty in fitting will depend on your skills with a needle and thread :wink: and whether you have the DVD set.


First of all, fior some reason I was expecting a much larger box for this as the photo on Murphy's magic gave this impression :lol: That apart, the device is exectly as featured on the DVD set (volume 1).

It's very well made and is robust as long as treated right. The materials used are going to last you a long long time.

The device comes with a very detailed set of printed instructions that are illustrated. The double sided glossy page (bigger than A4 but not quite A3 sze) contains all of the fitting instructions and the basic mechanics of how the device works and are easily followed. There's nothing that should cause any confusion.

The only difference is that on the DVD you will SEE how it's done which may make it easier for some.

You will need to sew a small anchor point inside your jacket sleeve and then cut and re-sew the lining on both shoulders to pass the device through so that it's invisible when you remove your jacket. This is simple enough and will require a pair of scissors and a needle and thread. That's about it.

It took me 30 minutes to do this and although I've not had some yet to start using the device I don't think that it will take too long to master the basics.


I'm glad that I bought the device rather than trying to make my own as I know that I wouldn't have been able to make anything to this standard. Apart from the alterations to a jacket, it's ready to use out of the box with a few sleight adjustments to fit your body size.

Of course, the next item to be released in the Invisible Hand Series is the accessory set which I'm just going to have to get when it's released :cry: :wink: It would have been nice to release these together and I suppose this is going to cost another £35 or so :twisted:

I still think that it's going to be worth it in the long run and I'll keep you updated as I learn.

Worth it? - you bet!!!!!

PostPosted: Oct 7th, '08, 18:59
by Ed Wood
I watched the DVD today at a friends house and its quite beautiful (the DVD not the house, he's a very messy man). This is how all magic dvd's should be made, and how all magic should be performed. My uses for a holdout have been eternally expanded. Now I need to decide on a new holdout, which I've mentioned in a thread elsewhere. As mentioned in the review, don't get this. I don't need the competition.

PostPosted: Jan 25th, '09, 19:12
by Le Petit Bateleur

I am thinking of venturing in the hold out arena, and investigated both the Miller / Invisible Hand and the Romero Perfect Hold Out.

As far as I understand, the Romero's HO also comes with a DVD.

My question is this: would the 3 IH DVDs provide some additional background, instructions and routines which would also be applicable to the PO?


PostPosted: Jan 25th, '09, 19:59
by dat8962
Not sure as I haven't seen the other DVD's. What I can say is that the IH 3 DVD set is comprehensive and may be a good starting place.

PostPosted: Jan 25th, '09, 20:33
by Le Petit Bateleur
Thank you Dat;

could I ask if these DVD are solely designed to teach the handling of the invisible hand, of if they would address the handling of any HO in the same category? (Of course not the gambling type HO which are built differently)

Mind you, if you still think these are the best DVDs you own, for what you can accomplish after practicing, it must definitely be worth the investment. :D And like you mention, even if this is not 100% compatible with the PHO, the cost of making an IH looks minimal.

May I ask how you are progressing with learning to use your HO since you purchased it? Did you feel you hit the ground running because of all you previous experience with sleight of hand, or did you also have to go through the learning curve as for any other prop? Do you use it much to produce items, or more to clean up at the end of an effect?


PostPosted: Jan 25th, '09, 21:51
by dat8962
I did have to go through a learning curve with the Hold Out, partially because I hadn't expereinced the use of one before but also to get it right for me.

I tailored my own jacket following the instructions but my difficulty is that at 6ft 7" tall. I had to make some adaptations as it's designed for someone much shorter, despite having what would normally be loads of adjustment on the device itself. If you're around 6ft 2" or under then you'll have plenty of 'slack' :wink:

This was still well worth it because I'm very pleased with the results. When you get going it's not really that difficult to pick up and the routines on the DVD will get you going but also give you lots to think about.

The only criticism is that the accessory set still doesn't appear to be available via Murphy's who supply the majority of dealers. My view is that you need this to get the most out of the device.

I made by own attachement for stealing and appearing silks out of a poke that came with the sponge ball toolkit and it works just fine. I haven't changed my mind about this since working with it - it's still been a very good purchase.

I do not see any reason why the information on the DVD should not be of good benefit to other types of hold out as the principple is still the same. The gambling hold out is covered in the history section of the DVD set.

You can vanish just about any small object and make them re-appear from cigarettes, coins, cards, silks etc. and the DVD contains example routines for all of these, including the production of fire.

The main use for the device so far has been to vanish objects tempararily and to then make them re-appear later on in a routine.

I hope that this helps you.

You won't use this all of the time but when you want to put something together that needs a nice vanish then this is certainly something that you will think about using

PostPosted: Jan 25th, '09, 23:07
by Le Petit Bateleur
Hello Dat, and thank you once more.

Yes it does help me a lot, you clarified the questions I had. Not exactly sure in Feet and Inches, but I'm 183 cm, I make that about 6ft? No problem for me there. :lol: 6'7''? Impressive!

I am looking forward to learning this new skill. I am not planning to take it out anywhere until I am comfortable I can do it invisibly, and more importantly if it makes sense to use it in context, but like the topit, it seems such a wonderful thing to be able to do to make little miracles happen. Of course for the sake of the miracle, not for the sake of using it :lol:

Plenty to learn! :D

PostPosted: Jan 26th, '09, 00:51
by dat8962
Another topit man :lol:

The jacket that I have my IH in also has a topit installed.

PostPosted: Feb 2nd, '09, 21:52
by Ray Noble
This seems just like the Jack Miller Holdout. YEARS AGO I hooked up the Jack Miller Holdout by using sewing anchor points inside of my jacket. So WHAT is the difference between these two holdouts?

Sounds like something old is new again.