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Rainbow deck

PostPosted: Sep 27th, '08, 20:15
by Brannmanndan

Before I start, I did a search and didn't find a review of this already, sorry if it is there and I missed it.
I bought this trick in Rome for about 10 euro and it was well worth it. When I perform it I call it soulmates and give some patter about how cards can always find their partner.
All the deck have different pictures on the back. You deal off the top two cards or foce them, whichever you want. Then you deal out the cards asking the spectator to tell you to stop. Place one of the cards at that point faceup and join the deck up again. Then you repeat the whole process. So now you have 2 cards faceup in the deck, you take them out with the cards above them. To the spectators surprise when you turn the card over they are the same number and the same colour. Not only that but but turn them over again and the pictures match, showing they were meant to be together.
Then as a finisher turn over the rest of the cards to reveal they are all a different card eg. the 6 of hearts.
Cracking trick, and really easy to do too.

PostPosted: Sep 27th, '08, 20:48
by keith atkinson
Hi, I also have this, and use it regularly, and allways get great reactions with it. Great trick.

PostPosted: Sep 27th, '08, 21:23
by dat8962
I bought this a couple of months ago and have been playing around with it. It's a decent enough deck but in my opinion, only a couple of the routines on the DVD are what I'd call 'workers and you could do these with a regular deck, a coupe of extra cards and a little imagination.

Example, you could add a couple of cards to your Rainbow and use the deck in the same way as Lennart Green's Stolen Deck which is itself a great routine.

Overall, I'd say that it's worth buying the deck but don't rely just on the routines on the DVD.

PostPosted: Sep 28th, '08, 00:14
by Replicant
The Rainbow deck is great. I reviewed it here...

I can also recommend Randy Wakeman's book on the Rainbow deck, which I reviewed here...

It contains some superb effects with a Rainbow deck.

PostPosted: Sep 28th, '08, 03:34
by gunnarkr
I have performed the free magic trick by Costas Damianou, that I got along with my Rainbow Deck from WorldMagicShop and it always got a great response.

You go from changing the colours of some cards, one by one until the whole deck is changed in a brilliant way. The routine is quite good, but from there I usually change to a different deck for other kind of magic.

PostPosted: Oct 3rd, '08, 11:55
by aviso
I am not really a cardsman - but would recommend this to anyone looking for something a little different to add to their repertoire. The effect has been around for ages - Kenton Knepper markets a great version and patter

I have subsequently created an aged/bizarre version of this, which goes down a storm with kids and adults - you've got to have a go haven't you !

PostPosted: Sep 19th, '09, 12:49
by Razzo
I find this thread very confusing. The poster was reviewing the Rainbow Deck in its original form i.e the one that has different pictures on the backs. Then suddenly the Bicycle Rainbow deck is brought into it. Why? They are two totally different decks and should be reviewed seperately.


PostPosted: Jan 21st, '10, 02:51
by finneyfollower
I agree...why?
Back on topic, the forcing of 2 cards is very clever IMHO and spectator can do the dealing too!