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The Lone Stranger by Paul Richards

PostPosted: Mar 10th, '09, 20:35
by Spanky

The Effect

If it were any more direct, it would be REAL mind reading!

You show a deck of cards completely, back and front. You also show the "Lone Stranger"...a single card which is your prediction card which has a different back color from all the other cards in the deck.
The cards are shuffled and openly spread, allowing the spectator to select ANY card. When the spectator's card and the prediction card are turned face up, they are identical! The Lone Stranger Strikes Again...Giddy Up!

Remember these important facts: the card is freely chosen and different every time, the effect is easy to do, there is absolutely no sleight of hand involved, not to mention it resets instantly making it a great choice for the strolling magi!

Listen short, you'll love the Lone Stranger!


$14.95 from Elmwood Magic


1=easy to do and instant reset.


When I was shown this trick at Blackpool this year I thought wow.
Hence I went and brought it, I know I have said it is $14.95 but I got it for £10 again at Blackpool of elmwoods stall.
The trick itself is easy to do but hits strong, like it says on the tin any card can be selected and your prediction card will match it every time.
I have done this for a couple of people and got gasp even had one bloke walk away from me saying no way.
I'm not saying this trick is for everyone but good addition to any close up card routine.
At the end there is a way to even get the deck inspected it you need to but I won't go into that as it will give the game away.

Just to finish you do get the deck when you buy this trick so you can do this one straight out of the packet..


Overall I would give this trick 9/10

It has dropped one point for the reason you have to do abit of how's your father :lol: so that the deck can be inspected at the end of the trick. :D