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Ring Flight to Key Chain Magic Trick

PostPosted: Mar 29th, '09, 00:03

Difficulty: 2 (Need a plus of attention to hide the process of gimmick) :)
Price: I Bought with 14$
Rates: (my point)
Price: 6/10
Quality 6.5/10

What they say:
The magician borrows a finger ring from a spectator and it vanishes right before their eyes. Both hands are clearly shown empty – the ring has completely vanished without a trace! He then reaches into his pocket and takes out a key chain. Upon closer inspection the spectator finds that a finger ring is hanging on it, but not just any ring – their ring. It is unhooked from the key chain and handed back to its owner.

* Any finger rings can be used, even borrowed.
* Ring can flight the maximun of 60 cm apart from magician hands.
* No jacket required. Do it in shirtsleeves.
* Strong effect, great for impromptu.
* Come completely with gimmick & instrustion.

What I saw:
The trick is nice but request funny position , background noise and funny moves. If you know clever methods you will not have problems and your public will be amsed.
Be carefull ! Limited public (1, max 2 persons). You must to select the recomend angle too.
Is not easy to perform but let's say its nice and all efforts to perform are welcome :)

VIDEO: ... r_embedded

PostPosted: Mar 30th, '09, 18:48
by russpie
I know the description says "No jacket required. Do it in shirtsleeves" but I would always do this with either one of the other. I perform a variation of the Ring Flight at every gig & do it for tables of 10 or more people surrounded.

The way you did it was nice for the camera but find yourself a way of doing it surrounded & you'll have something you can always have on you ready to perform.