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T-3 By Christopher Taylor and Alakazam Magic

PostPosted: Jun 2nd, '09, 17:16
by Thaumaturge

Well it finally came! Before I get on to reviewing the product, I'd like to mention that the person behind the product, Christopher Taylor, has given probably the best customer service I have ever encountered. He is open, honest and will respond to questions very quickly.


£199 from, or $345 from Christophers' website
Special payment arrangements can be made via Christopher, so I have gathered, which is something I would like to see other vendors take on board.

The Effect

This is taken from the manufacturers web site, as I know descriptions can sometimes be too vague, or too explicit for an open forum:

The ultimate long range electronic mindreading device! T•3 is a set of three small transmitters (1 3/8" x 3/4" x 5/16") which can be concealed in objects such as a lighter, pack of gum, key fob, deck of cards, etc. The transmitters are movement activated. That means, when one of the objects is handled, the transmitter hidden in it will signal which of the objects is in play.

You will know which one of two, three or four items are in play: which door is opened; which jewelry box is opened; which paper bag is picked up; which deck a card is removed from; which cup is a participant is drinking from; which spice is being tasted; which book has been opened; the possibilities are endless!

Points to remember:

* Small transmitters are concealable in any suitable object of your choice
* Reception range of over 30 feet
* No special table or mat to transport
* A sophisticated RF device, NOT a miniature metal detector or short range chip reader
* The performer works alone
* No need to ever come close to your participants
* The effects possible with this device are limited only by your imagination.
* Complete with special transmitters, receiver, and plug-in vibrator.

T•3 comes in its own special instrument case with printed instructions including routines created by Marc Spelmann, Peter Nardi. Andrew Gerard, Patrick Redford and others.


There is no difficulty to this product. It is a tool, which can be applied to many effects, both easy and taxing.


Right! Down to the nitty gritty!
I've spent the past 5 hours solid with this pretty much, and I wanted to write a review now, fresh from the box if you will, before I got too bogged down in the effects and thoughts that are starting to take over (people with this might know what I mean...I hope!)

The product comes in its own, rather swish looking case, with custom cut padding inside. When opening it, there is an eerie feeling of donning the gloves of a secret agent. The case is sturdy and will house and protect the T3+components from knocks and falls.
Already, the traveling Mentalist has been taken into account (You WILL be hearing me say this alot).

The T3 unit is about the same size as a deck of bikes, only a wee bit deeper, and narrower. It is comparatively lighter and sits nicely in jacket pockets, under a belt, or in a trouser pocket...although with the latter you may find a bit of a noticeable bulge.
The 3 'widgets' you receive are small...smaller and lighter than I expected (1 3/8" x 3/4" x 5/16"), and can be concealed in an unimaginable amount of places once the mind starts working.

The 'reading' is taken directly from the T3 unit, which has 3 very distinct colored LED's incorporated, which are so bright, they really can be seen from across a room or two, should you chose to position it away from you. The alternative is...

...a very neat, thin vibrator (included), which can be plugged directly into the T3 unit and hidden in, on, or over most body parts, thanks to the length of wire.
Once again, the practical mentalist has been taken into consideration.
The vibrator is adjustable. From very powerful washing machine mode, right down to a gentle caress, the power can be adapted for close up to stage performances.
Once again, the Mentalist has been taken into consideration.

In the box you also receive a very good DVD, which, although made in what looks like Christophers' living room, is good quality on both picture and sound. It is nice to see the creator give his advice, warnings, and ideas on the use of the T3. I think its a nice touch that Christopher gives the presentation and some subtleties on just some of the possible applications of this product.

I have road tested this around the house and garden, and the sensitivity and reception is good. Yes, the spectator can pick the object up too gingerly, but with a bit of "please hold it above your head", or other nonsense, it works perfectly. The suggested routines and ideas included help you get round that very easily if it does happen to you.

Batteries are supplied but I really recommend you stock up on 9v's and 27A''ll get through tonnes with all the use you'll give it.

The only issues that I have come up against so far whilst using the T3 are:

1) The batteries that the widgets take are not so easy to come by...although I have found a stockist here at a very good price

2) The LED's can be too bright...sometimes if the unit is in your outside jacket pocket, the lights will illuminate your face Blair Witch style. Again, this is easily overcome, by placing some cloth over the unit. The lights are still visible, but only to you.


The T3 is a tool, plain and simple. The moment you open the box and realize the potential, your head will be buzzing away forever more, coming up with new ways to incorporate this...and not just new ways. Beautiful effects already in existence can be tweaked, and could, with help from the performer, turn them into effects truly divine... (such as oddball and truth teller/liar spring to mind...imagine not ever having to ask awkward questions etc and just being able to hype it up 'your style').
It has very clearly been designed with the Mentalist at the forefront of it all, and it delivers truly workable, real world uses.

Well, I am a very unbiased person, but my opinion has been formed. Right from the start, with courtesy, great service and a genuine interest in the customer, through to this outstanding tool, I have been extremely impressed and do not hesitate to give T-3


for both cost, and the product.

You owe me that £50 now Mr Taylor, hehe.

Re: T-3 By Christopher Taylor and Alakazam Magic

PostPosted: Jun 2nd, '09, 17:36
by Tomo
Thaumaturge wrote:1) The batteries that the widgets take are not so easy to come by...

That is damned unfortunate because those batteries are a bit rare. Everything else about this kit looks good.

PostPosted: Jun 2nd, '09, 17:51
by Thaumaturge
I can see the reason for using 27A's...and yes, can't just walk down to the local shop.
But...they are available online, and the only thing I can ever foresee being a problem, is stopping 27A's production. I hope not!

PostPosted: Jun 2nd, '09, 19:18
by pcwells
The best price I've found for 27As on Ebay (from a UK supplier) is £3.99 for ten (inc postage).

Not exactly bank breaking, and the seller has 100% positive feedback.

They're also, apparently, used in car alarms, so it's unlikely they'll go out of production.

No problems there, methinks.



PostPosted: Jun 2nd, '09, 19:29
by Tomo
Excellent stuff. What you really need is a brace of rechargeable ones, then you'll never run out.

PostPosted: Jun 2nd, '09, 19:51
by pcwells
Can you get rechargeable 27a batteries (and chargers for them)?

Google turned up nowt, but if they're available, I want them!


PostPosted: Jun 2nd, '09, 19:51
by Tomo
pcwells wrote:Can you get rechargeable 27a batteries (and chargers for them)?

Google turned up nowt, but if they're available, I want them!


I'm assuming so. Ah. I've made an assumption. :oops:

PostPosted: Jun 2nd, '09, 20:29
by Thaumaturge
The link I gave in the review is UK based. They charge a bit for postage, but overall, for 10 27A's, it came to £3.72 inc postage.

PostPosted: Jun 3rd, '09, 04:44
by Craig Browning
Thaumaturge wrote:I can see the reason for using 27A's...and yes, can't just walk down to the local shop.
But...they are available online, and the only thing I can ever foresee being a problem, is stopping 27A's production. I hope not!

:lol: Hey, it happens... just ask Dan Baines :lol:

Technology is a fickle thing. Especially when marketing schmucks get involved and put the same horse into a different pair of pajamas.

PostPosted: Jun 3rd, '09, 12:06
by Thaumaturge
I've never seen a horse is a pair of pajamas, yet alone a different pair! :lol:

From what you say, am I right in thinking this could be cloned by someone else and just dressed in something stripy, and not spotty? I hope not, this is one mans brain baby, no one else's.

PostPosted: Jun 3rd, '09, 16:17
by Craig Browning
:lol: I was referring to the Batteries or technology in general... how, such as our Cell Phones, a new and "must have" variation to the exact same thing comes out every six months or, if you're like my parents and haven't traded up on a phone in over a decade, you end up with a phone that no batteries are made for any longer.

There's a couple of magic props that have met a similar fate; the technology they were based on flying out the window and making the system obsolete; but that's just one of the negatives when you are techno-dependent. I'm in the process of using dinky digital recorders and MP3 players as a way to not just replicate but surpass the quality of something done 30 some years ago when Cassette tape decks were considered streamline and small... according to the originator of the effect I'm working on. :twisted:

PostPosted: Jun 3rd, '09, 18:15
by Thaumaturge
Valid point about techno-dependency.
I do like some of the technology thats out there, I love the T3, and think that adding something like this into a show gives something a little extra...the wise guys will find it impossible to back track, and the performer can concentrate everything into, well, performing. Maybe even (dare I say it) repeating an effect (as part of a multi phase routine), a)using conventional methods, and then b) doing the same with T3. (I dont think many spectators would jump to the solution of complex electronics).

My ideas are very higgeldey at the moment. Another pops in as soon as I've started committing the previous one to paper. Dammit! Its a good feeling though.

I looked into the batteries T3 takes before buying, and there is still alot of demand for them, from alarms to key fob I think its safe for a good few years... by which point telepathy amongst the population will be the norm, we all will have chips in our brains, and giant ants will control China, thus rendering battery production near impossible...unless Ants develop thumbs! :lol:

PostPosted: Jun 3rd, '09, 18:18
by Thaumaturge
...can't resist.

Its my!!!!! Hurray!!!!

Well, I'm off to celebrate with a large cigar and a glass of vino collapso. Job done! hahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: