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GURU by Jay Crowe

PostPosted: Sep 18th, '09, 14:57
by JamieDaws

Jay Crowe :: GURU :: Pre-Release Review

One trick comes out every now and again that is so revolutionary in method and design that is so completely bewilderingly brilliant, that even after you know the method, you can’t believe it. The type of trick that would be construed as “Real Magic”. Before I give any more of my review, here is all the beginning information you need to get you understanding exactly what “GURU” is.

“What is GURU©?

It’s the closest demonstration of mind over matter that you’ll ever be able to do.

GURU© is inspired by an ancient technique used by monks called “Tum-mo”. The technique allows them to raise the temperatures of their fingers by as much as 17 degrees. The human body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil.

International researchers are astonished by these results.

*GURU*© enables you to perform one of the most intriguing psychic feats that your spectators will ever experience.

Ask your spectator for a coin, and hand out a small clear plastic bag for examination. The coin is signed by the spectator and placed inside the bag for isolation. The spectator holds the bag.

You start to concentrate, letting your energy flow and heat up your fingers. You gently rub the coin, and transfer your energy and heat to it. You place the signed coin inside the bag, and continue to rub it softly. The spectator feels the coin inside the bag and confirms that the coin is getting hotter. The borrowed coin starts to heat up and VISUALLY melts through the bag. The spectator can see it and feel it. Give away everything to be examined.

The effect can take place on the hands of the spectator, and has been designed to be performed under test conditions.

*Easy to do
*Highly visual
*No switches
*No chemicals of any kind
*Borrowed signed coin
*Perform it surrounded
*Everything can be examined before, during and after
*Perform it anytime & anywhere
*Always ready to go

Comes complete with patent pending technology and detailed instructions.”

Now, admittedly, probably like most of you, I was intrigued at hearing about this effect. More so then most as I read the part of the ad copy that said it had patented technology. Meaning that the technology used in this effect is both revolutionary and one of a kind. It has never been done before. Meaning, this is literally like no other trick you will own.

When I was sent over the effect, I decided that I would not invest any prior time into finding out what the effect is or what it does. That way I would enter the trick from a completely blindfolded angle. Not knowing what to expect.

Entering into Jay Crowe’s Introduction. Now I love when there is a little bit of personality in a piece of magic literature. Jay’s Introduction is very personal and really sets of the book well. However, those of you who are expecting to “get to the point” in this book will be very disappointed. As I delved into the book, the Introduction is followed by the History behind the Patter of the trick. In a very general sense, it is revolving around a factual piece of information. Jay keeps everything very cryptic. At first I thought it was some kind of levitation. A little further on, I thought it was perhaps a new handling for coin in bottle. However, the version that I received didn’t actually mention what the effect was. So, after then lengthy introduction pages, I decided to check out the ad copy to put everything into a bit of perspective. I was pleasantly surprised.

The opening pages of the book are incredibly well thought out. The amount of time and effort put into this effect becomes clear through the expensive research put into the patter. We are let into the background of the patter. Then we’re launched straight into WHY ‘Guru’ came about. There is a clear line of thought behind the point of the trick. Most of which, I would have to agree.

Then, the “Setup”. Well, I say set up? There is no real setup per say. Jay gives us 4 different ways to do the dirty. It’s hard for me through a review to explain that when the word “setup” is pushed into the equation, most magicians turn of. This really isn’t “setup”. You don’t have to setup anything before the performance. You begin clean, end clean. No adding or taking away. The spectator does everything. The power of the effect in terms of the “Hand off” approach is next to none. You literally do nothing. Everything is examinable before and after. You don’t need any chemicals of any kind. The bag can be kept by the spectator. It just sounds, impossible. The “dirty” takes less than a second and you don’t need to carry anything extra. You do the dirty in performance but nothing looks out of place. All these things are covered in the performance section of the book.

Jay has also supplied us with a performance script. This is what will cater to the covering of “the dirty”. Everything has been considered. The timing of everything is well thought out. However, the flexibility of the effect mean’s that should you prefer not to use Jay’s patter, there are countless possibilities to achieve a hard hitting effect and patter. Everything in this section of the book is annotated and questions like “What are the best type of coin to use?” are answered. (Any coin’s can be used but it will look better with certain kinds).

Lastly, were given closing thoughts on the effect.

Jay’s effect really is a revolution in its own right. Although there are no refill’s as of yet. Jay assurer’s me that they will be available shortly. The time and effort put into this project is clear from the get go. The research is also clear and I can’t imagine how long it took Jay to find the “special something”. The effect is so beautifully clean. At no point before, during or after the effect will anyone expect that you done anything fishy. Mainly because, you haven’t. The “hands off” approach in this trick means that the presentational side of things can really be worked on. This effect will leave a lasting impression on those who watch it. What I also love from this effect is the new possibilities in the future. Being able to take a cigarette from a box and light it. Heat up your fingers from the exhaled smoke. Then melting through the cellophane on the cigarette packet. Hot stuff! The idea’s the magicians will come up with this thing will be immense.

The effect is currently on pre-release and there are currently a limited amount of units. From the 1st October, it will be available from all good retailers.

The price is $24.99 and the refills will be $14.99

For more information on the effect, demo video and to order, please check out: ... ur-fingers

“Jay’s trick is revolutionary and completely unique. It boasts a hand’s of approach leaving you more time to work on the presentation. Fantastically brilliant in both method and execution, this has my highest recommendation. This could be the trick of the year.”

Rating ***** 5/5 stars

Reviewed by Jamie Daws

PostPosted: Sep 18th, '09, 15:07
by Rob
Out of interest, Jamie, if you could say that this effect had any particular down-side, what would it be, and why?



PostPosted: Sep 18th, '09, 18:45
by damianjennings
Could you post a link to your copyrighting of the word Guru?

PostPosted: Sep 18th, '09, 19:29
by Rob
damianjennings wrote:Could you post a link to your copyrighting of the word Guru?

If this word, in relation to this particular magical effect has been registered, you'll find the details here: ... thseridvln

PostPosted: Sep 19th, '09, 10:29
by JamieDaws

The only sleight downside would obviously be the buying of refill's. It's one thing that's always been a sore point with me. Most trick that require a refill, I tend to stay away from. However, because the pricing of them (20 for $14.99) thats pretty cheap and the effect is well worth the refills.

In terms of the effect, I've struggled to find some down points but, your hands of, nothing iffy to find, effect is incredibly visual, chances for some wicked patter, and it's all really simple. I can't see many flaws in it.

I did write the review as an impartial spectator. I've not spoken to Jay prior to writeing this review. I've picked out the points that I belive are important as a performer to put across to other performers. Of course I can answer any questions in relation to the review as I'm fully aware it's a very generous review.


Jamie Daws

PostPosted: Sep 20th, '09, 14:29
by damianjennings
robstanley1 wrote:
damianjennings wrote:Could you post a link to your copyrighting of the word Guru?

If this word, in relation to this particular magical effect has been registered, you'll find the details here: ... thseridvln

I can't see anything there about GURU

So does that mean it isn't copyrighted?

PostPosted: Sep 20th, '09, 15:25
i doubt that you can register the word Guru...but if you can, will someone also do the word "the"...they'll make a fortune...

i wasnt that impressed by the effect via the demo, if you could do what the backstory claims, you'd be able to instantly warm up water, potentially cause a blister and a few other things...if you could make the plastic bag warp and burn at the same time...then it'll be good...

its a bit like the pena coin effect but in reverse as it stands...

Re: GURU by Jay Crowe

PostPosted: Sep 21st, '09, 01:49
by Gary Dickson
JamieDaws wrote:GURU© is inspired by an ancient technique used by monks called “Tum-mo”. The technique allows them to raise the temperatures of their fingers by as much as 17 degrees.


Is this the actual backstory? Do you really claim that Tummo is a technique that allows you to heat your fingers? It isn't.

Tummo is an advanced Tantric practice that works on what the Tibetans call the subtle body, the chakra system. While Tummo does raise the temperature of the body, certainly by enough to melt snow around the practitioner, this is not the point of the practice. Indeed, it originated in India where one would have no need to raise the temperature of the body. It doesn't even go to the fingers! It rises up the spine to the crown of the head.

The point of Tantric mystic practice is to bring about a transformation in one's consciousness, to bring to fruition and completion the qualities of wisdom and compassion, female and male energies respectively (according to the Tibetan model of things). The heat is just what happens when the practices are carried out, not the point of them.

While I have no problem with people using religious or spiritual ideas and themes for their effects, I do think they should give the traditions they take from enough respect to actually research those ideas properly.

PostPosted: Sep 24th, '09, 16:22
by deechristopher
Alright Gary - It's been a while!

Really interesting about Tum Mo, I've performed Guru only a few times with a set Jay sent me a little while ago, I'd not been called out on mentioning Tum Mo, but it's open to any presentation really, it'd be a nice precursor to some mental bending if that's your thing.

I really like the effect, it's one of those things that I thought was a bit mediocre until I tried it out on some people and saw what they thought, when you find the secret you'll hate the simplicity, but that's what makes is a real worker - it's a good effect :)


PostPosted: Sep 29th, '09, 18:48
by Gary Dickson
Hey Dee.....good to see you here.

I'm not surprised you haven't been called on Tummo. I doubt many people have heard of it and those that have probably have a distorted view of what it is or means. However that is no reason to not be accurate. Eventually you're bound to run into someone who knows what Tummo is and has had a direct experience of it.

PostPosted: Oct 9th, '09, 11:24
by Mr_Grue

PostPosted: Oct 9th, '09, 15:01
by Gary Dickson
Mr_Grue wrote:I have internalised the internet. ... &Itemid=34

Interesting article. I'm still not sure what the relevance of heating the extremities is, other than as an example or perhaps as a means of registering extremes of temperature changes.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on Tummo.

There's also this from the Harvard Gazette which seems to be from the same study that Mr Grue linked to.

For anyone who is interested in serious study of the subject I recommend the Six Yogas of Naropa available here.

PostPosted: Jun 7th, '10, 18:28
by Cryder
I've seen the first video presenting this effect. The coin going trough the bag is not giving me a strong impression.

If someone getting Guru have other way to present the routine I would be interested to read their advice before buying this trick.

Thank you for your help.

PostPosted: Jun 25th, '10, 10:05
by Smilada
Can we cut up the gimmick to be put as cellophane for our deck of cards?

I'm just worried it will be too white and not see-through plastic. I'm thinking to get this but these factors have to be answered before I proceed to checkout.