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Misled by Timothy Wenk (pencil through a note)

PostPosted: Aug 11th, '04, 22:51
by Madasahatter

This is my first review so go easy on me.

I am sure most of you have seen this effect, it was performed by David Copperfield on TV and was also on Max Magic on Sky One (performed by the Matrix guy).
I already knew how the effect was done before I got it, but even when you know how its done it still looks really cool, so when I was in Davenports I had to buy it as I love this sort of thing (ok I am a bit of a Blainette!).

What you get:
A detailed booklet on the performance which is very easy to follow, with good clear instuctions, a yellow pencil( this effect can only be done with a yellow pencil), the gimmick and a free clear resealible plastic bag to hold it all!

The effect:
You ask to borrow a bank note and also produce a quite normal pencil, both of which can be inspected in this state. The performer then takes the note and folds it in half, and proceeds to push the pencil straight through the fold(wow),you then open the note to show the pencil going right through it!,The pencil is now ripped out ( this sounds like you are really ripping it) and you show the note to be unharmed!.

Everyone will be amazed by this but you are not done yet!

The note is now folded in half, but sort of diagonally, and the pencil is placed in the fold. You Show the specs its in the fold, take it out, give a bit of patter then place it back in the fold. The magician then pulls the pencil down, and it slowly melts right through the note, the beauty of this part is it is done really slow.
Now you can give the note back to the person and hand out the pencil for inspection, you have to palm the gimmick to end proper clean and the book gives you some tips on this.

My effots with the effect:
The only prep you have to do is sharpen the pencil and you are ready to go, I found it very easy to learn as the instuctions are very clear and the diagrams easy to follow, the only thing I didn't understand was it tells you to make 2 folds in the note( when you get it you will understand), I didn't do this as I felt it wasn't needed. I practised on my own for a couple of nights in front of the mirror until I had the handling and patter sorted( thats how easy this trick is), i found it easyier to the trick with £10 and £20 notes as I found £5 note a little to small, but it can be done with fiver ( just pick someone who doesn't look cheap I guess!). Also the effect is not angle proof, the specs have to be in front of you, but they can be very close.
My first specs were my parents as they are very honest when it comes to my effots! they were totally amazed! I kept practising before I showed some of my mates as they can be a bit difficult to handle!, they were all shocked too, and made comments that I shall not post on here( you get the idea), I have shown a few more people since and everyone has the same reactions.

My verdict:
When you first get home it seems like you dont get a lot for your money as this effect costs about £13-14, but beleive me its worth every penny, this trick is probably for the less experianced Magi (like me), it made me feel real good to see the looks on peoples faces after I had done it, instead of the usual "yea great mate" so I reccomend this to every budding Magi, I love it.

Thanks for reading my review, regards The Hatter.

PostPosted: Aug 11th, '04, 23:27
by Mandrake
Thanks for that - very informative and it covers a lot of the points I thought of when I saw the Matrix guy do it on Max Magic last weekend. Considering the strong effect involved, I reckon the price is probably worth it. (I can hear the credit card groaning and trying to hide already!)

PostPosted: Aug 12th, '04, 13:16
by bananafish
I have only ever heard remarkable things about this one...

PostPosted: Aug 12th, '04, 17:18
by Part-Timer
I bought this several years ago from Davenports and used it to good effect a few times, but watch out for the angles, as was mentioned above.

I have found that you can buy suitable pencils, so you might even want to give the pencil to the person who leant you the note as a memento.

The best reaction I ever got was when I did the "ripping" effect and the person who'd given me the money almost grabbed it off me as he didn't want his tenner torn up.

PostPosted: Sep 7th, '07, 10:23
by Jjtee
I know this is digging up the grave, but I have to say this effect is outstanding. I recently (When I say recently I mean within the last few months) purchased this trick from ebay, and have to commend the quality of the trick. I don't normally buy one trick effects, but it truely is amazing.

The gimmick (yes it is gimmicked) can be used with almost all pencils, if you have it then you know what I mean, and the clean up is very fast and easy-hardly noticible. As already stated the mini routine is a killer, really inventive and extremely visual. After protruding the pencil through the note, which will get a few gasps, you actually show it going in one side and out the other of the note-to an extent. The ripping of the note sounds uncannily real, and scares the trousers off the lender of the note! Finally we come to the melting of the oencil through the note which is lovely, and a truely fantastic ending.

I thought I might bring this up for those new to the Talk Magic forums (including myself). I've been researching the penentration effects, and have to admit that so far nothing has excited me more than misled. The gimmick is sturdy(if you don't misplace it) although the booklet does describe an older brittle version of the previous versions-not really an issue unless you buy it second hand from an ancient magi. Otherwise all I have to say is buy it! If it was good enough for Copperfield on TV, it's good enough for you!

PostPosted: Sep 9th, '07, 16:21
by .:Ham:.
I really like Misled. Great review too.