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PostPosted: Sep 16th, '04, 15:50
by magicdiscoman

so its definately a gimicked deck then.

sounds cool.

its going on my very long list many thanxs tom.

PostPosted: Sep 16th, '04, 15:54
by Happy Toad
Do the specs handle the deck in choosing their card? also is it them that shuffle or the magi? I ask cos there seems to be a contradiction by suggesting it is not examinable yet also that the specs handle the deck. Leaves me a bit puzzled????

PostPosted: Sep 16th, '04, 16:53
by magicdiscoman
so are you paying for a special deck or a great routine equaly are valid.

PostPosted: Sep 16th, '04, 18:32
by Happy Toad
Tom it looks like yet again you are forcing me to spend money. I must stop reading your posts :roll:

PostPosted: Oct 7th, '04, 15:44
by Ozman
i have just received this... what can i say... WAAAAHAAAAA (that was an evil laugh)... so easy and yet so effective...

i have tried this on a few friends and it has worked a treat...

that said, i use the osterland breakthrough system and although it's a totally different method i can achieve similar results... (but the eliminator is MUCH easier! wahey!)

PostPosted: Oct 7th, '04, 21:36
by Happy Toad
Yup very very nice. Just need to make sure your specs follow the instructions properly, as long as they do this is very easy and very baffling.

Good call Tom.

PostPosted: Oct 9th, '04, 03:46
by Wmental
Happy Toad wrote:Tom it looks like yet again you are forcing me to spend money. I must stop reading your posts :roll:


PostPosted: Nov 7th, '04, 10:37
by Ozman
if anyone is interested i have got a working of ELIMINATOR that works with a non-gimmicked deck!

pm me with the last three words of the inside left hand page of the instructions if you're interested and i'll explain!

PostPosted: Nov 13th, '04, 21:01
by Happy Toad
Having thought more about this trick I'm not sure I like it quite as much. Although it is very clever, since you don't actually show the deck the same effect could be achieved with a deck consisting of just 2 cards repeated. Only difference would be that it couldn't be repeated but since I rarely repeat a trick this would make no difference at all.