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PostPosted: Nov 29th, '04, 20:00
by dat8962

By Mike Danata (based on an idea by Wayne Dobson)

The Effect:

A close up effect using three ESP cards, each cut in half and a hybrid ESP card.

The Hybrid card remains unshown in the supplied wallet but it's presence is made known. The 6 halfs are spread out and assembled face up in front of the spectator. The two sets of halfs are stacked and the spectator has a free choice as to which they want to select. The selected stack cards are then shuffled as the word magic and then ESP are spelled out aloud and the cards placed back on the table top face down. The remaining deck is spread out face down. Card by card the halves are revealed and don't match up. The magician talks about the statistics of getting three cards to match etc.

The shuffle and layout is repeated step by step but this time the spectator is holding a crystal, given to them by the magician. This time, when turned over the three sets of halves all match.

Finally, the crystal is removed and the cards split into two piles. The spectator again has a free choice and you reveal that the half that you select doesn't match the half that the spectator selected. Then you receal the hybrid card that was left in the wallet and the two odd halfs match the hybrid.


1/5 - you just need to count and be confident.


I love this trick! It happens in the spectators hand instead of the magicians hand, right up until the end. To perform, this trick can take up to 5 minutes but it's well worth it and has magic, ESP and psychic angles all mixed into the effect.

Instructions are detailed and well written with some diagrams included. All of the recommended 'patter' is also included!

The only down side is the quality of the crystal that is supplied as it looks plastic from a distance. However, I replaced the supplied plastic jobbie with a cheap but real one from a new age shop.

A delight to perform and one that the audiences, albeit the more mature audiences (over 30's) find fascinating. They won't work it out and believe that it's all in the crystal.

Score 8/10 due to the quality of the crystal

PostPosted: Oct 20th, '08, 18:36
by keith atkinson
Couldn`t agree more, I got this to-day, it is an absolute gem. Couple of watches of the DVD, and it works a dream.
I spoke to Mike about this, and the only reason a `cheap` crystal was included, was purley to keep the costs down.

PostPosted: Oct 20th, '08, 21:14
by dat8962
Glad that you liked it Keith. You may have set the record for the longest time span between a post and the first reply though :lol:

PostPosted: Oct 21st, '08, 16:49
by keith atkinson
dat8962 wrote:Glad that you liked it Keith. You may have set the record for the longest time span between a post and the first reply though :lol:

Hadn`t even noticed the date to be honest. Used this at work to-day, great reactions, especially to the ending. :lol:

PostPosted: Oct 22nd, '08, 11:41
by Robbie
I've owned "Power of the Crystal" for a year or so, but have never used it yet. (Not that I don't like it, but I just don't have any opportunities.) It really is gratifyingly easy to do. Also easy to REMEMBER how to do, which is even more important. The plot flows nicely, is easy to follow, and builds up to a surprise ending.

The instructions are too verbose, but easy enough to follow. The instructional DVD is overkill, in my opinion, but I suppose if you prefer learning from DVDs then that's the instructions you'd automatically go for.

The "crystal" supplied is very plasticky, but it's easy and cheap enough to get a real crystal of some kind to substitute. I already had a chunk of rose quartz sitting in my desk drawer. Or you could use any sort of evocative charm if you prefer.

If I manage to make it to the Manchester meet-up this weekend, I'll be bringing it along.

Power Of The Crystal

PostPosted: Dec 6th, '08, 10:31
by danata
I'm glad you like the effect, it took three months to put this one together!

One of my early customers for this effect was Andy Nyman, who said "What a wonderful presentation, I've got to have it!" & he purchased it (along with loads of other things!!) when he visited the Studio.

This & many other Exclusive effects have largely been overlooked by the Magic Community, because I'm not so "Pushy" as many. I run the business single handed, & have to split my time between all the various aspects of the business.

Check out "Find The Ladies" By Mark Townsend, "Gone But Not Forgotten" by Jack Jensen & many others, all in OUR EXCLUSIVES on my website.

I've actually got a lot more Exclusives to release when time permits, some things have been on the backburner for 2 - 3 years!!!

As things "Slow Down" because of the credit crunch, I should have more time to bring them out, so keep an eye out for them!!

All Good Wishes

Mike Danata