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PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '05, 11:56
by bananafish

It does sounds very James Bondsy doesn't it. (which in my eyes makes it worthwhilegetting just for that fact).

What with loops and this thing it would seam that threadwork has never been more accessible. (I know that had you in stitches didn't it?)

PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '05, 13:27
by dat8962
I've seen this demonstrated and initial thoughts were that it's a much better and more robust product that an IT reel but you'd expect that for the price difference anyway. The quality of the IT seemed very good and unlike some of the reels, there didn't appear to be many, if any problems when using against both dark AND light backgrounds. The strength of the IT also seemed pretty good.

I don't do very much IT work other than the occasional loop effect so may wait to see if the prices drop a little, later on in the year.

Incidentally, you may be interested to know that the pound shops in our area do a cardboard pack of 'button' batteries for around £5 which includes six batteries that fit the spider pen whereas the originals cost around £3 each. May also be worthwhile trying cost cutters or similar.

PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '05, 21:33
by wells2877
Just got myself one of these and i must say that I'm impressed.
the internal workings of this are great, and it really is quiet.

Very handy having a second spool available when you need it, as i did after trying to move something that was obviously too heavy for it.

It doesn't have the same strength as the stealth retractor, by strength i mean that the stealth retractor will move something heavier (if that makes sense)

The pen isn't really fully examinable, and it does look a bit plasticky. Although i dont feel that this has the need to be examined because nobody would know about the pen having anything to do with your IT tricks.

But, I would definitely recommend this pen to anyone serious about their IT work.

PostPosted: Jan 25th, '05, 12:10
by Jordan C
You back away across the room from the floating dollar. Then, under your command the bill floats to the floor and lays motionless for a moment

Quite an impressive ability but how does it work out in reality? Is it difficult to achieve or fairly straightforward?

Also could you tell me please about the IT getting snagged at any point? Anyone who has worked with different types will know what I mean when I say that some IT's snag quite easily whilst others like Spider IT are less likely to do so. I have problems with threads that snag regularly such as with the LITE FLITE effect.

:D Hey hey - this is magic post 100, my first TalkMagic century !!! :D

PostPosted: Jan 25th, '05, 13:02
by bananafish
I noticed that in the MagicWeek sales page, the first two items are selling one of these. Good news if you are looking for one, but it does bveg the question why so many people (can two be so many?) are putting them up for sale when they havent been out for that long...

just a thought.

PostPosted: Feb 2nd, '05, 21:48
by levi
Is this very easy, easy, medium, hard or very hard to perform. Also is it easy to work out when you show it to someone.

PostPosted: Feb 3rd, '05, 08:28
by MagicIain
levi wrote:Is this very easy, easy, medium, hard or very hard to perform.

It's straightforward, but requires some confidence and a good judgement of the situation. The guy in Davenports yesterday told me, amongst other things, the real secret to getting the most out of the spider pen is knowing when to use it and when not to use it. If you find yourself in the right situation, then it'll be a corker.

levi wrote:Also is it easy to work out when you show it to someone.

That's a whole new thread in itself there, I reckon...

PostPosted: Feb 6th, '05, 10:09
by levi
Thanks, I think I will add one to my shopping basket

PostPosted: Feb 7th, '05, 23:24
by Necromancer
Yeah those spider pen are really cool. Pick up one for less than $50 from plus bought the spider thread. Neat trick to play on friends and family alike. check it out:
:arrow: ... spider+pen

PostPosted: Mar 7th, '05, 21:50
by ouch-kabibble

PostPosted: Mar 8th, '05, 19:49
by dat8962
Now available from Penguin for £21.13, give or take a few pence and it's the genuine version, not a reproduction.

Spider pen - YUK

PostPosted: Apr 13th, '05, 21:41
by magicands
I just sold mine on Magic week.
The effect is great but once the thread breaks you have to replace the whole reel of it as you just can't find the end.
Its such fine thread that picking at the reel to find an end gives you 30 ends to choose from.
So from my point of view its not practical for use as a walk round cos it snaps all to easily.

PostPosted: Apr 14th, '05, 00:07
by Tenko
Thanks Magicands,

Has anyone else used it in earnest ?? Table Hopping or in close up situations in pubs ??

PostPosted: Apr 19th, '05, 14:16
by MagicIain
As I think is the standard with 'Spider' products, it doesn't really snap that easily, in my experience. When it does (normally due to rough handling in practice), I've not had a problem with 'finding the end' (oo-er missus) as such. The tip in the manual that says to blow on the reel and the end will be revealed (is that some kind of chant?) works for me.

Granted, if that were to happen in a performance scenario then you can't obviously ask everyone to look away while you inspect your pen.

I think that if you 'get to know' the pen and the IT, then you'll be confident in performance. But to be fair, that's true of any prop/accessory/utility we use.

Hope that helps, Tenko.