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Oasis book test by Clint Barron

PostPosted: Feb 27th, '13, 21:38
by kevmundo

The Effect ... r_embedded

What they say:

For many years booktest’s have been a firm favourite for both the performer and their spectators alike. But in recent years booktests have become more and more complicated to learn & perform.

Finally we have a booktest that’s easy to learn and uncomplicated to perform. Making the presentation uncluttered, and easy for your spectator to follow.

The Oasis booktest makes a great standalone mental effect or can be a feature part of a larger mindreading routine.

The Oasis is a custom designed and printed book with over 300 pages for your spectators to choose from.

Phase One

Hand your spectator a book and get someone to name a random page number. Your spectator opens the book to that page and is directed to think of either the first or last word on the top line. They visualise the word as an image and you start describing the image & word they are thinking of.

Phase two

Another spectator opens the book to any page and chooses a word from the middle. Once again you read their mind with deadly accuracy!!

The Oasis Booktest takes a few minutes to learn and is as direct as a bullet from a gun!

Great for anyone that wants to add some incredible mindreading to their act.

No fishing or guessing for the first letters

Words used are easily visualized as images by your spectator. Allowing for a fuller mind-reading experience

Learn In Minutes

No Memory Work Required

Use one or more spectators

**Comes complete with a custom designed /printed book & instructional DVD which will get you using the Oasis booktest in minutes!!

Cost £49.99

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

1 - This is the easiest booktest I've ever come across


I've always had a passion for book tests, which is probably why I own so many of the blasted things. However, I've never found one that I would be comfortable using in a strolling environment. Visions from Vegas came close but the handling is a little awkward. Well, my search is over. This is about as direct as a booktest gets. I opened up the packaging, watched the DVD, and I was ready to perform straight away. I tried it out tonight and it worked a treat.

This is not a book test that will stand up to more than casual scrutiny. Therefore, it's not something you should use to challenge your mates down the pub, or use on family/friends who may want to spend a little longer with the book than you might like. This is ideal (maybe even perfect) for a walkaround situation where you quickly hand the book out and get someone to choose a page. Whilst they do this you may want to add another routine. I performed a drawing dupe and revealed the word and the dupe together. The book wasn't scrutinised at all. Props seldom are looked at in a strolling set as by the time anyone thinks they may like to look through the book, you're doing something else, or you've left to another table.

You can repeat the effect once if you like but after that, it would be most unwise!!

The book is nicely presented, although there isn't a single paragraph in the whole book which looks a bit odd. It could have done with slightly better typesetting but I think that's just magician's guilt talking. The blurb says there's no memory work which isn't strictly true, although it's so easy, I understand why they claim there isn't any.


If you want this to get past James Randi and win a million dollars then don't bother.

If you want this for a quick, direct, simple book test in a strollaround or table hopping environment then it's as close to perfection as I've ever seen.

8 out of 10.

K :D

Re: Oasis book test by Clint Barron

PostPosted: Mar 1st, '13, 09:09
by Johnny Wizz
I bought this at Blackpool and so have not used it yet. It is a beautifully well made book and totally simple to do. So it is going to need a strong performance to mask the simplicity. I probably won't use it table hopping because it is a bit bulky to carry around but I will happily fit it in to the mentalism set I am building, probaly with another book test just to confuse the issue if people start to try to deconstruct it later.

Re: Oasis book test by Clint Barron

PostPosted: Mar 1st, '13, 13:25
by russpie
I really like it & will be trying it out at a gig on sunday. I bought it in Blackpool & mentioned to P Nardi they may have thought about putting the page numbers up top incase you fancied a peak but as he says it was designed for hands off but I think it still would have given it an optional extra for the small trouble of moving the page numbers. That aside I think it's definitely a worker perfect for tables & easy enough to not have to constantly be performing it in order to remember the workings. Nice little behind the scenes extra by Clint of actually writing a small book for sale on Amazon should an audience decide to google the title.

Re: Oasis book test by Clint Barron

PostPosted: Mar 1st, '13, 18:10
by kevmundo
I did initially think the same about the numbers being at the top. However, having looked at it again, if the numbers are at the bottom the eye is drawn away from the body of the text, whereas if the numbers are at the top the text stays in your peripheral vision. This allows you to inadvertantly perform a riffle type test on the book. I don't know if this was deliberate but it seems to work??

K :)

Re: Oasis book test by Clint Barron

PostPosted: Apr 4th, '13, 07:52
by Lownatic
I googled this and the following link came up. ... B00915Q7AM

Does this work on Kindle? Is it a completely different version? Its the same cover, same author.
I did notice that it says it has 34 pages, and on the vid. this looks like a lot more.

Just a bit confused.

Re: Oasis book test by Clint Barron

PostPosted: Apr 4th, '13, 08:14
by kevmundo
The author a actually wrote a book of the same title just in case someone decided to search for it. It's actually a real story and not the book test. It was just to add an extra layer of legitimacy to it.

K ;)

Re: Oasis book test by Clint Barron

PostPosted: Apr 4th, '13, 09:01
by Lownatic
Aaaah, thank you.
Very clever.

Re: Oasis book test by Clint Barron

PostPosted: Apr 4th, '13, 09:21
by fiftytwo
Saw this at Blackpool and wanted to develop and act that would justify my buying it! Very beautiful, and the Amazon listing is just a lovely touch (c:

Re: Oasis book test by Clint Barron

PostPosted: Jan 20th, '18, 15:01
by Mobius Klein
I think the Amazon listing is of little value for several reasons...
1 - The listing for the ungimmicked' version is £0.99 whilst the booktest is listed at £87 (as of 20/1/18), What makes it worse is that the listings are alongside each other, thus the game is up, as they say.
2 - If you need to take steps to prove the legitimacy of a book then perhaps you should concentrate on ways to improve your presentation and take the 'heat' of it or better yet put no 'heat' on the book in the first place.
3 - There may be a case for actually buying the £0.99 'legit' version and doing a book switch (not for me thanks) for somebody to examine, but for walkabout, which this seems eminently suited to, just walk on the the next punters before they even think of examining the book.

just MHO for what its worth.