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the heinstein shuffle

PostPosted: Apr 27th, '05, 02:07
by ryay99

I have always been looking for a good false shuffle, particularly for triumph. i came across the heinstein shuffle, and it is now my favorite. its an in the hands shuffle, so it can be done anywhere, on the spot. and the angles are wonderful. it does require some good finger strength, and your hands might get sore from practising, but if you go through with all the practise it requires, you will be rewarded with one of the most convincing false shuffles out there. plus, it gives a bonus trick on the vid, which is the heinstein triumph, and exelent version of the classic trick. one small thing about the shuffle that i dont like so much is it does look slightly different than a normal riffle shuffle when you weave the cards. you weave them only from the inner corners, which might look a bit suspicious to a magician, but laymen dont seem to care. also, i bought the trick for 30 dollars, which to me seems a bit pricey for one sleight, even though they give you a triumph, cuz anyone could make a triumph routine out of any false shuffle. as for difficulty, it might be a bit hard to learn, but if you are commited to keep on practising, then it should be just fine. but dont think this si one of those instant gratification tricks, it will take practise. bottom line is that this shuffle will take lots of practise and good finger strength, but is one of the most deceptive out there. i highly recomend it.

PostPosted: Apr 27th, '05, 07:13
by Nairolf
Small precision: I think it was invented by Karl Hein if anyone is looking for it.

PostPosted: Apr 27th, '05, 07:20
by katrielalex
It wasn't invented by h'albert h'einstein by any chance was it?

Sorry :)


PostPosted: Apr 27th, '05, 07:22
by Nairolf
I just knew that would come !

I think Karl probably got inspired...

PostPosted: Aug 25th, '08, 02:57
by dimabbq
This does look like the best false shuffle out there but...twenty-something quid?...maybe

PostPosted: Aug 25th, '08, 16:05
by fstarsinic
Yes, it's very good. Not too difficult.
To practice, I would do the shuffle at an event after I was done performing for a group as I walked away toward the next group. This allows you to do it under performing conditions without actually having to do it during an actual performance.