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Mystery Package - Merchant of Magic

PostPosted: Mar 15th, '20, 20:23
by MrCat

Hey folks, wasn't sure where to post this review technically but wanted to write one so here we go;

"Mystery Package" from Merchant of Magic ( - £19.99

I was excited to find this whilst browsing the site the other day. It's a mystery package full of magic! What more could you ask for really for a bit of awesome fun!? (Rhetorical ... :) )

The reviews were good so I went ahead and got one, what a joy! Obviously it is what it says - a surprise mystery! - and consequently there's no guarantees that it'll be "your kind of thing" perhaps, however, it's like getting a really cool magic christmas or birthday present. And the main point for me was the price of £19.99. As I'd read in some of the reviews on site, it was true that if I went and bought the content I got individually it would have come to a lot more I'm sure.

So it's a lotta fun all in all. I don't know if every package is different for everone or whether the "March / April etc Mystery Packages are all the same month by month) but I got some pretty cool stuff;

I might have to come back to this review as I'm not sure if I should reveal the content if it's the same for everyone, tho it will change in April

So the dudes have just told me it's all the same package month to month and don't seem scared I may reveal this one so here goes...

I got "Twister" - a DVD with gmmick inclued (a key twisting routne)
I got "Misdirection Effect" - a clever card trick DVD with gimmick pack of bicycles included
I got a very sexy pack of "Bicycle - Karnival Fatal - Which includes a standard (very sexy backed, obviously) full pack of standard cards, plus the 2 jokers, plus... one double backer and one blank face...well peachy. Nice touch.

Very pleased.

If you like a good surprise for the price of 19.99... please do this and spread the love and the money and feel the excitement.

I'm giving this random surprise 5/5 cos everyone loves a surprise. If you don't, you have something missing from your life. And this could be it.

Re: Mystery Package - Merchant of Magic

PostPosted: Mar 15th, '20, 20:27
by MrCat
They just swnt me a free download too, things are hapening.

Re: Mystery Package - Merchant of Magic

PostPosted: May 15th, '20, 04:34
by EndersGame
Clever idea - but I wonder if this is just a way for them to move stock that isn't selling. So it's usually not going to be the best material, and there's a risk you may get some real clangers.

Re: Mystery Package - Merchant of Magic

PostPosted: May 15th, '20, 12:02
by MrCat
Haha that's what I thought but if you like a surprise chance, the reviews on site are mainly good. A few people said the stuff they got just didn't fit their style but for the price I think it's a great idea and an exciting surprise when you get the package.
A bonus if you're up for trying something new or just taking a chance. There's not much you can get in the shops for that price, and old stock doesn't necessarily mean bad stock ;)

Re: Mystery Package - Merchant of Magic

PostPosted: May 15th, '20, 13:31
by EndersGame
Good thinking to check reviews from other people who have done this. I hadn't considered that, but it would indeed help give you a good idea of what to expect and whether it's worthwhile.

Re: Mystery Package - Merchant of Magic

PostPosted: May 15th, '20, 13:59
by MrCat
Indeed and sometimes on small shops you never know who's reviewing, is it all their mates haha but given they're mainly good and a few folk saying it just didn't work for their general routine they seemed legit, and I chose to post one here cos I love suprises haha and I'll give anything a go. For the price as said, you can't go far wrong with stuff totalling about 3 or more times the price if you bought it all at full usual retail... nice :D
Tempted to go for this months one but my backlog of magic I've not attended to yet down in the secret magic basement is getting bigger by the minute, especially with all these free downloads :lol:
So we'll see......... watch this space...maybe.... :wink: