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The Silent Treatment by Jon Allen

PostPosted: Jul 12th, '05, 22:17
by Tom Lauten

The Silent Treatment – by Jon Allen

Price (including postage): UK Inland - £31.50 Overseas - £33.00

Difficulty: 2/5… nothing tough in terms of handling but a confident and engaging performance approach is needed to make it really fly.

They say:
The Silent Treatment can be done as an opener or even in the middle of an act. Draw your audience right in without having to say a single word! For close-up or even larger audiences like in the video, it is a wonderful piece of theatre. Imagine all the places and situations where an entertaining, involving and magical effect that requires no speaking would be perfect.

The Silent Treatment is made from high quality, hardwearing materials to ensure that you will be performing this for a long time to come…

I say:
Well I have known about The Silent Treatment (TST) for a short while now and couldn’t wait to get my grubby hands on a copy…hee hee hee hee..

I can imagine myself finding ANY opportunity to use this effect. From now on I will look forward to entering a room, a pub (and not JUST for that reason) a party, a dinner…anything really, just so I have a chance to perform this!

But it’s not just for openers. There is any number of ways to fit this into a set, although it does tend to lend itself naturally to either topping or tailing a performance.

The technique/s used are simple and you can go into the effect with confidence. There are no knuckle-busting moves, sleights or awkward moments, everything plays out beautifully.

The materials you get are clean and well made. The printing is clear and of very nice quality indeed. This should last for years.

A DVD is provided as the source of instruction and outlines Jon Allen’s routine and technique in meticulous detail. No stone is left unturned. Jon employs a charming wit without being wearisome as so often happens when people try to “be funny”. He gets on with it and entertains…what a relief! You are taken through the trick from A-Z and Jon offers his own personal hints and tips to ease your silent way!

I’m sure there will be variations posted by users for years to come but Jon does a more than ample job of training you for knock out performances on the disk. “You will learn well young Jedi!”

You will need to have cards to perform this (well, duh!)...just thought I would mention that!

What can I say…this is seriously good mojo.

Old fashion magic?…mentalism?…bizarre magic?…comedy?

Take your pick.

This is a great routine and a solid method combined with quality props and a comprehensive training DVD. Jon Allen clearly cares about turning out a quality product both in concept and in real terms.

The price? I think most people will get far more than their moneys worth from The Silent Treatment!

Rating: Oh go on…10/10!

PostPosted: Jul 13th, '05, 00:00
by bananafish
Tom - you had me sold on the "It's coming" thread. As soon as I saw the video I know I had to have it. this one is going to be big. Very big...

PostPosted: Jul 13th, '05, 00:03
by Happy Toad
Looks like mine isn't going to be sent till after Monday.

PostPosted: Jul 13th, '05, 14:44
by Midas Kid
I saw Jon perform this effect last year and the Pentacle and I thought it was a stunna then.

And now for sale - mine is on order.


PostPosted: Jul 13th, '05, 17:30
by Piers
Where the choice of cards is given, how much of a choice is there ?

The video seems to be blury at that point, maybe intentionally ?


PostPosted: Jul 13th, '05, 18:03
by Jon Allen
The video did not intentionally go blurry. I moved with telling the camera guy I was going to do so.

A non-magician was asked how many cards they thought there were and she reckoned about 30. Someone else reckoned they could see between 20-30.

There is a big enough choice that people will never, ever assume you are forcing a particular card on them.

PostPosted: Jul 13th, '05, 18:08
by Mandrake
Dear Mr. Allen,

My bank manager would like a word with you please! :wink:

PostPosted: Jul 19th, '05, 20:41
by russh
what a great effect! definitely one I'm gonna add to the wishlist.

shame about the problem with the video right where the card is chosen, but a fantastic idea

thanks Jon


PostPosted: Jul 20th, '05, 22:38
by Happy Toad
Hmm got it, not sure what I think yet.

PostPosted: Jul 30th, '05, 23:20
by Jon Allen
I have shipped the first order to Murphy's in the USA. Your favourite dealer should have it in stock in the next week or so.

PostPosted: Jul 30th, '05, 23:36
by Stephen Ward
This looks just what i need Jon! I will see if my dealer is getting them :P

PostPosted: Jul 31st, '05, 11:59
by dat8962
I received mine early last week (ordered from the web site).

I finally got around to performing it for the first time yesterday, albeit only to the family. It was certainly not difficult to perform but as suggested on the DVD, the ability to mime some actions and facial expressions is key to this being successful. It's not a routine that you can just stand up and perform and remain inanimate. A good instructional DVD is included. Timing and audience management is important, partucularly as you're silent throughout.

Clever, nicely put together and it will certainly be put to good use.

PostPosted: Aug 9th, '05, 10:28
by Happy Toad
Ok I've had a chance to play with this now. My thoughts:

Clearly a very different effect which is always a good thing, some very nice built in humour. The DVD is very good covering everything you need to know clearly. There is nothing that's very difficult to master but still will need some mirror time getting certain little bits down.

I'd say that it's not ideal table hopping effect due to
1. The size of the thing
2. There are angle issues which would be no problem on stage but with tables all around would be likely to be an issue, not for those you were actually performing to, but other tables.

I'd say if you have a stage act or parlour type act this would be a very welcome addition.

PostPosted: Aug 9th, '05, 11:55
by Stephen Ward
Sold! must add that to the act

PostPosted: Aug 11th, '05, 10:40
by Jon Allen
I have performed TST in a walkaround situation in a room packed with 500 people! I think you can do this in a restaurant but you do need to take care. As long as it is not a uge table, you can hold the boards more at waist level. Angle them up slightly so people can see. When the moment comes, you can briefly angle the boards up higher if necessary. I think you need tobe aware of your surroundings so as not to be caught but it is not impossible to do in a restaurant.

As for the size, I designed it so it should be small enough to fit in an inside pocket of a jacket.