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PostPosted: Jan 15th, '02, 15:04
by TheOldForum

Trick Type: Coin
Price: 15 pounds from Marvin's Magic, 8.99 from
Difficulty: 2 (out of 5)
Examinable: Not really, but can be tolerated
Angles: Any
Reset: Instant


2 brass caps and a ring are shown. Instantly a stack of 10p coins appear under one cap. After they are covered they teleport to the other cap. They can also penetrate metal. The 10p coins transform instantly to pennies IN THE HANDS OF THE AUDIENCE.


This is a good trick to show to the layman, but it is probably overused. The price from Marvin's Magic is hardly worth paying, although it does come in one of their executive magic sets. I've tried the tricks several times, and the effect is good only that the audience inevitably want to examine the brass caps. Also, they have to be made to precision, because if these tricks are badly made you're only begging to be burnt. Overall, a great trick for beginners, but those more adept at magic would not want to spend money on this.

Rating: 8/10

Dynamic Coins

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '03, 11:24
by bwalder
I have to say the Marvins Magic set is not the best made version I have seen. Heavier brass ones can be had - although you will pay more

Nice trick though - I use mine a lot

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '03, 16:09
by the_mog
have seen this performed by people who have no interest in magic at all and was almost fooled by it.. i think for a beginner this is one of the most effective visual vanishes

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '03, 16:17
by dr_tezza
i have heard that it is a bit fiddly to get it right, is this not the case then?

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '03, 16:22
by the_mog
nope.. it is one of the easiest and effective self working tricks there is, in my humble opinion

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '03, 16:32
by dr_tezza
maybe worth a look then, if it doesn't look too obvious as to how the effect works,

just for a quick trick for the work colleagues or something theyre forever wanting to see something new

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '03, 16:37
by the_mog
it was a work colleague (how the hell do you spell it???) that showed me first time... was impressed!

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '03, 16:47
by dr_tezza
looks like a definate addition to the shopping list there then

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '03, 16:51
by the_mog
good choice :lol:

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '03, 18:42
by magicdiscoman
:lol: i got mine in a set with chineese sticks and a pack of cards. the set gave me a good grounding in magic, and in still use a version of the cards today.

PostPosted: May 3rd, '03, 16:57
by Magic Man
I have a friend who told me this trick was rubbish, since this i have seen demos of the trick and think this is good for a begginer

PostPosted: May 5th, '03, 19:49
by alz
this was one of my was great for a beginnerand i felt confident to hand the caps out for inspection...the only problem came if the spectator shook them. :twisted: [/code][/quote]

PostPosted: May 13th, '03, 09:57
by Captain Fantastic
I worked with a guy who showed me this trick and was totally perplexed by it. He wouldn't tell me how it was done but did say where I could buy it so this is what I did!!! This gave me the interest in magic that I still have today. It's a wonderfull little piece of kit that all budding magicians should start with. OK so the trick is pretty basic and very easy to perform but it gives you a good grounding in the patter that goes with the harder tricks that are coming onto the market!!
If ya starting out, invest a few quid in to this one!!

PostPosted: May 14th, '03, 17:00
by Magic Man
I agree with captain fantastic. Simple and easy but still a fantastic trick.

PostPosted: May 23rd, '03, 00:19
by seige
Tip: to 'antique' the edges of the stack a bit, so they match the coin on top, separate the stacks and leave them outside for a week (somewhere safe, though) during our lovely British weather (joke...)

This is true for most gaffed coins... you can 'age' them quite easily - it helps.