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Patrick Kuffs - Bold Business

PostPosted: Dec 24th, '05, 01:21
by rcarlsen

Patrick Kuffs - Bold Business

Type: Mental magic
Items used: Business Card & Marker
Setup: None - Impromptu
Difficult: 2 (1-6)

You present a set of your personal business cards. You show them all, both sides if you want, nothing special (true!). You then turn over one of the cards, and ask for their name. You write their name on the bottom of the cards, - let's say "Bill". Then, you draw a square/rectangle, and you ask the spec to think of any "simple" drawing, like a star, tree, car, anything, and ask them to draw a picture of this, inside that square. You hand them the card and the marker, and turn your back to them, so there is no chance that you can cheat. No, as they say have finished, you give them your hand, with the rest of the cards, and ask them to place the card on the deck, so you can't see the back (with the drawing). You cut the cards, so their card is located in the middle, sandwiched between all the other business cards. Now, you turn another card over and type YOUR name on the bottom of the cards. Then you create a new square, and ask the spectator to think hard on their drawing, and you "read their mind", as you start to draw their drawing (they won't see what you draw). Then, you give them the card you drew, face down, do they can't see your drawing. You fan the other business cards, and remove their card from the middle of the deck. Then you, for the first time, say, "Oh... a car" (for instance...) ".. nice Car Bill....". Then, you ask them to turn your card, to reveal your drawing... The same car !!

Don't know, must buy the DVD.

Fairly easy, but it requires some misdirection.

I just love this trick, and it suits your mental act perfectly. Even if you don't do much of mental stuff, it's a real killer to do, whenever you want, wherever you want, as long as you have your business cards. There are no gimmicks at all. Totally impromptu. Even as a magician, I was fooled. Performed it for a layman the other day, he was amazed....

PostPosted: Dec 27th, '05, 17:36
by BobGreaves
Thanks for an interesting review. I am always looking for good business card routines.
Rune, you don't mention where this routine is found. Can you or someone let us know?

PostPosted: Dec 27th, '05, 18:08
by rcarlsen
On his DVD:

Patrick Kuffs - Mind Stunts

PostPosted: Jan 15th, '06, 19:22
by brn128
I totally agree with Rune. Patrick's method is just simple and direct. I always perform Bold Business when I see people carry business cards and it kills all the time!


PostPosted: Jul 24th, '07, 11:47
by seige
As for the rest of Kuffs DVDs, there's some FANTASTIC work in there.

I'd recommend it wholly for the reasons that it shows great creative thinking for mental magic. Bold Business wouldn't be my first choice from this, as my pet favourite is the Russian Roulette effect.

Go get 'em.

PostPosted: Aug 13th, '08, 18:24
by Ace of diamonds
Great review got to try this.

PostPosted: Aug 17th, '08, 11:51
by Lee Smith
This is indeed a great dvd,

I have used this effect many times and people are always impressed, the method seems to slip past most magicians aswell.

PostPosted: Feb 8th, '11, 10:18
by Lee Smith
I thought I would post this in the thread as well.


PostPosted: Feb 8th, '11, 10:19
by themagicwand
Hi Lee - is this available on your lecture notes?

PostPosted: Feb 8th, '11, 10:21
by Lee Smith
themagicwand wrote:Hi Lee - is this available on your lecture notes?


Yes it is in my Lecture notes. But for more detail on this effect I reccomend
Pats mind stunts.