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Jay sankey's Mercuring

PostPosted: Feb 18th, '06, 13:45
by tiggy49

My first review so be gentle and i hope it helps!!

The Effect
The performer hands out a ring for examination claiming its made from stabilised mercury he then takes the ring and throws it up and catches it on the tip of his forefinger.

The ring is then placed on the base of the ring finger and the ring is visibly pulled through the third finger onto the pinky!

The ring is fully examinable!

£12.99 brand new. seems to be the same price everywhere

Difficulty 2
(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

very good! If you buy this you'll need to give some attension to the catching of the ring on the forefinger because it can be hard to perform smoothly.

The melting of the ring can be a bit fidley but with practice infront of a mirror can be mastered perfectly.

one big objection i do have with the actual ring is the fact that it doesnt look like a normal ring i mean its not rounded off as normal rings would be but i think this may be to do with ergonomic purposes for the performer.

I've fooled all my freinds with this and is very good close up! greatly recommended


ill giv this a 8.5/10 (when performed wasnt as visually shocking as others ive done)

PostPosted: Feb 18th, '06, 14:52
by moonbeam
Just 1 question - is there only one ring used throughout, or is there a switch of rings at any time ??

PostPosted: Feb 19th, '06, 00:03
by Zero000
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his catching ring on finger trick can be also learned in sankey's 45.

im still rather mad at penguin, i bought a 13' ring cause i was afraid that my fingers are big, but they were a little too big and jay just released his dvd version with new techniques and such, so i returned mine back to penguin, but they never had it in stock till about last month (but its the version withouth the dvd) and i bought mercuring in about september.

Re: Jay sankey's Mercuring

PostPosted: Feb 19th, '06, 13:46
by seige
tiggy49 big objection i do have with the actual ring is the fact that it doesnt look like a normal ring i mean its not rounded off as normal rings would be but i think this may be to do with ergonomic purposes for the performer...

I think this is what people in the magic industry deem as 'a normal looking wedding band'

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

PostPosted: Feb 19th, '06, 21:59
by Zero000
hmmm, sry about what ever i wrote eariler (dunno what i wrote). but i remember when i first felt the ring, it felt kinda cheap comapired to the wizard pk ring i have now. Sankey himself said that he used alunminum as the material. and i also heard that it scratches too, i had the idea of actully finding a good ring and ask somebody to make the gimmick with the ring. but that would probley cost alot.

PostPosted: Feb 19th, '06, 22:47
by Arthur
I agree that the aluminium ring looks cheap. The size it came in was big enough for me to use as a thumb ring, which I did, as it looked less suspicious as a thumb ring.

It's easier to learn the trick with a large ring though, and when I am better practiced, I might just go cheap-but-authentic-ring shopping down the high street, and get the perfect speciman and modify it to emulate the original functionality.

I like the effect, and with a ring that would actually not be laughed at if I suggested it really was my wedding ring, would make it awesome.

PostPosted: Feb 20th, '06, 13:38
by tiggy49
well thats what i was thinking about doing!

a regular sterling silver band ring cost around £5.00 i think in argos and i know a jeweller i might be able to persuade! :wink:

PostPosted: Feb 20th, '06, 23:27
by Zero000
hmmm, i was thinking of titanium, wonder if that would work...

PostPosted: Jul 3rd, '07, 17:33
by Lord Freddie
Sorry to open an old thread...
I have this and was slightly disappointed with it as the description is a touch misleading. It says that a ring visually pentrates your finger, but it's covered at all times by your hand. (Though the top of the fingers are seen at all times.)

PostPosted: Jul 3rd, '07, 19:14
by Michael Kras
I don't really like this effect... In the demo, Jay says "Each Mercuring"

When he said that, I was expecting an examinable ring with an ingenious gaff. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the DVD and saw what a disappointment this is. I DO use it, but it isn't my favourite effect by any means.

PostPosted: Jul 3rd, '07, 19:33
by Lord Freddie
The reaction is gets is very mundane, no matter how you perform it.

PostPosted: Jul 3rd, '07, 19:40
by I.D
I didnt need to buy it to know how it works.. and I really dont like it.. not at all.

I dont find it entertaining, there is no spectator involvement.

I dont have ring thing.. but I would get that.. that is what it is .. a demonstration of skill.. you cant / shouldnt soup things up when they dont need it...

bah!! rubbish.. bad Sankey.. hey.. why dont you buy an assasins grouch and a gemini slag while your at it :roll:

PostPosted: Jul 3rd, '07, 20:02
by Rob
Oddly enough, I also have one of these...pushed right back at the very deepest, darkest recess of my 'cobweb drawers' :roll:

PostPosted: Jul 4th, '07, 11:16
by Lord Freddie
That's where it'll probably stay, Rob.
I've been practising it and experimenting the last week or so. Have done the penetration of a specs finger too. They're amused, but it doesn't create much of an amazed reaction.
It's no opener, or finish effect. I would say it's something you could introduce as a bit of 'byplay' amongst your effects. Nothing more than that, really.

PostPosted: Jul 4th, '07, 14:33
by Sym
I actually like this effect! Although, I don't perform exactly as Sankey suggests, I find the whole tossing of the ring and catching on the finger a bit lame. If anyone is interested in how I go about the opening, you can PM me for details, but it really is nothing exciting!

I also do not perform this with the supplied ring. As previously suggested, I went out and spent £5 on a stainless steel ring and modified with a hacksaw and needlefiles.

I always figured that the ring you get with this was purely for explanation purpose, only. As (also previously mentioned!) it looks a bit c*** (not the best)! =oP

Lord Freddie wrote:It says that a ring visually pentrates your finger, but it's covered at all times by your hand

Did you honestly expect the ring to jump in full view from one finger to the next, and be left with a ring that the spectator can take from the pinky finger? :roll:

Zero000 wrote:i also heard that it scratches too

Yeah, even with just practicing (a lot, I might add!) I did find that the finish of the ring looked somewhat used. Definately go out and spend a few quid on some stainless steel bands. They remain nice and shiny!