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PostPosted: May 10th, '01, 16:49
by TheOldForum

Name:Professors Nightmare/ Unequal Ropes
Type:Stage but maybe Close Up
Price:£3.99 from Abrakazam
Performance Time:2-3mins
Time to Learn:About 15 minutes
Examinable: Yes, but only when they are different sizes.
What you get: 3 different size ropes and the instructions.

EFFECT:Three ropes, of different lengths are shown, and examined. The magician then visually stretches the ropes to the same length.

COMMENTS: This is a classic of magic. I think it is ideal for the stage and kid's parties because the audience see the ropes visually being streched. I have had this a while now and think it is excellent value. The funny part is when you finish to let the spectators examine them they start pulling them everywhere! This is a great trick!


Ps. Does anyone know how to put pictures or clip art in your post, as well as bold and italic text?


PostPosted: May 10th, '01, 17:23
by TheOldForum

Check out the Formatting link, under Documentation, on the home page. All will be revealed.

PostPosted: May 10th, '01, 19:40
by TheOldForum
Thanks Sauron

PostPosted: May 11th, '07, 22:10
The advantage of this effect is that it is as good for children as for adults
It is a classic of magic.

PostPosted: May 11th, '07, 23:07
by Mandrake
Wow, 6 years between posts, that could hold the record! Just to avoid confusion, the formatting suggestions above only applied to the old pre-2003 TalkMagic.

PostPosted: May 14th, '07, 05:49
by KingJeux.
Haha, this was one of the very first tricks my uncle showed me, and I still haven't learned how to do it. That said, I looked into it tonight. Should I buy: Fiber Optics, Three Ropes and a Baby, or is there another better source?

PostPosted: May 14th, '07, 08:15
by bananafish
Well you can get the basics from a number of books, including Mark Wilsons Complete Course in Magic. That would be my choice if I was you, just because you would get so much else besides.

There is nothing wrong with the Sanders dvd, it is a nice routine, but if you haven't got the Wilson book in your library - (or Nick Einhorns book, The Art of Magic?) then those are mandaory reading as far as I am concerned.

PostPosted: May 14th, '07, 14:15
by magicofthemind
I don't think it's in Mark Wilson. There's an effect called Equal-Unequal ropes, but it's different. It's not in the Einhorn book either.

In fact, even though I have a fairly extensive magic library, the only book that I found this in is The Kingfisher Pocket Book of Magic by Peter Eldin.


PostPosted: May 14th, '07, 14:53
by bananafish
I think you will find Equal/Unequal Ropes and Professors Nightmare are the same effect.

I am pretty sure it is in both the Einhorn and Wilson books, but would have to check.

PostPosted: May 23rd, '07, 17:50
by mallmagician
Nice way to end is to tie the two (err, matched) ropes together using the sho*t bt of string. This makes it look like 2 bits the same length tied together. Then tie the genuinely medium-sized piece to the end of this.

Wrap the rope round your hand, and as you wind, slide the Knotted sho*t piece along to really near the end.

The unravel from round your hand, and they are returned to their normal size.

Not sure if this ending is in the original descriptions, but I found it suit me well.

(For those that have the ropes that are knitted at the end, invest in some soft rope. You can make the effect yourself, then can use the long bit to move onto you favourite rope routine (Cut and restored, ring and string etc.) )


PostPosted: Aug 20th, '07, 08:47
by Al Doty
The Equal/Unequal ropes are not the same as professors nightmare. Its in Mark Wilsons course on page 256 and its discription of the effect is different than PN. I thought it would be in Tarbells but I have not found it. There is a way to take a length of rope, form an S and by putting one end through the S loop you can cut through all three pieces at the top and bootom and you will have all the necessary pieces to do the trick. I'm not sure where to find this but will do the reasearch and get back on that.

PostPosted: Aug 20th, '07, 19:16
by dat8962
You can find the solution that you;re looking for, using the single piece of rope in either the late Joe Riding's 'Roped In' routine (manuscript from Mike Danata) or on Dan Tong's 'Finally' DVD that I reviewed elsewhere on TM.

It's a relatively simple process and after folding the rope into a 'S' using the sleight, you cut through both the top and bottom loop to end up ready for the unequal rope routine. What's even better is getting the spec to do the cutting as they can't see what's gone on under their nose with this one move.

Once cut, go into the false count of the apparently equal ropes from one hand to the other which is also taught on both of the routines above.

Good luck :wink:

PostPosted: Aug 21st, '07, 06:31
by Al Doty
dat8962 wrote:
You can find the solution that you;re looking for, using the single piece of rope in either the late Joe Riding's 'Roped In' routine (manuscript from Mike Danata) or on Dan Tong's 'Finally' DVD that I reviewed elsewhere on TM.

Thanks for the info. I knew it was out there. I like doing the cut and restored rope and ending up doing PN starting with this method.
Thanks again

PostPosted: Sep 1st, '07, 07:09
by Bryan Dreyfus
"The Professor's Nightmare" was called "The Carver Ropes" before.

The issue of doing the effect close up. I used it as my closer in the restaurant but I called it, "The Dumb Rope Trick"

I bought it as "My Favorite Rope Trick" in an envelope cheaply and never did a show, casual or formal, without it since. That has been over 30 years.
I did modify the handling a bit to make it more deceptive.


PostPosted: Sep 5th, '07, 12:05
by loosecannont
this was one of the first tricks i ever learned it was so fun. my mom taught me how to do it. (no, my mom isn't a magician, she reads directions unlike us men) i really don't do this trick anymore i'ts a good trick but i got some better card tricks and stuff like that. 8)