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PostPosted: May 10th, '01, 18:09
by TheOldForum

Name : ID
Price : £6.99 Abrakazam
Type : Card
Examinable : No
Reset : 30 secs in private
Time to learn : 30mins
Difficulty : 1-2
What you get : A pack of gimmicked Bicycle Cards

Effect : Show your spectator an ID, have him/her shuffle it and pick a card. Ask him/her to remember the "invisible" card, and at this point they will think you are totally mad until you produce a REAL deck, and the 'card' him/her selected from the ID, is reversed in the real deck!! You can repeat this trick as many times as you wish, and they will never discover your secret.

Comments : This trick is great for table hopping. Its a real nice effect and for £6.99 is a bargain. David Blaine uses this in one of his T.V performances.

Rating 10/10

PostPosted: May 10th, '01, 20:47
by TheOldForum
This deck is essential for anyone like me, who just now and again makes a complete mess of another card trick.
When you do this deck will get you out of trouble every time.

PostPosted: May 10th, '01, 22:36
by TheOldForum
What a cracker! This has had everyone going and is so simple to do. Why didn't I think of that?


[Anonymously Posted by: 'David ']

PostPosted: May 11th, '01, 11:02
by TheOldForum
this was one of the first tricks i ever performed .I have never had so much fun with simple but effective set of cards.Well worth the money.

PostPosted: May 11th, '01, 19:32
by TheOldForum
Got to be the best card trick arond simply pure genious yet so easy to perform a must fo any magician

PostPosted: May 12th, '01, 20:12
by TheOldForum
Makes a great quick trick to get yourself introduced as a Street Magic professional!!

PostPosted: May 18th, '01, 22:56
by TheOldForum
This was the trick that got me back into the whole magic thing, when a guy performed it in the street to me. I was so blown away I had to learn it myself. However, I don't do the 'ID' nonsense as it's quite time consuming and if you're performing to strangers they just tend to run away! (well not really, but I find the following more effective)

I just ask them to name a card and then reveal that the card is the only face down card in a face up pack! Better still, get them to phone a friend and ask THEM to name a card... and you manage to somehow predict that, even though they could have rung ANYONE, ANYWHERE!

PostPosted: May 28th, '01, 22:54
by TheOldForum
This is indeed a great deck to have, I always carry another deck around with me to switch as then I let them examine it.
And.. I like the phone a friend idea.

PostPosted: May 30th, '01, 12:03
by TheOldForum
i thought this was a great trick and as i got it in the street magic set,the vieo really helped.And as i used it more and more the cards came away easier it looked more convincing,but there is one bad point if you get the crds in the wrong order and another thing if one card loses it's ruf and smoove

PostPosted: Jun 2nd, '01, 00:07
by TheOldForum
I'm on my third set of this deck as they loose their ruf and smooth because I perform it so much. I think the fone a friend idea is cool too, cheers paul!

PostPosted: Jun 3rd, '01, 15:01
by TheOldForum
don't press so hard on your cards, and seperate them by pressing less rather than more. That way they will keep working for longer. Also, you might find it cheaper to by some re-r****ing spray, but don't try to re-box the pack until the cards have COMPLETELY dried out, or they'll just stick together.

hope that helps!

PostPosted: Jun 5th, '01, 20:30
by TheOldForum
I normally get 2 members of my audience to hold one pack of cards each, one has the normal deck and the other has the ID, force a selection with the normal deck and, guess what?? the same card is turned over in the other(invisible) deck much to the audience amazement!!

PostPosted: Jun 5th, '01, 22:06
by TheOldForum
Stuart.....if you're "forcing" a card with the normal deck, why do you need the ID?
surely you could just use another standard deck with the same card as your force card turned over...

PostPosted: Jun 6th, '01, 17:36
by TheOldForum
Gary, your right, did I say force a card!!!!!
ignore that bit. Unforced selection will do.

PostPosted: Jun 11th, '01, 01:43
by TheOldForum
The ID is great!!. It resets instantly and you could do it 100 times to the spectator and they still wouldn't figure it out!!