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List of useful links

PostPosted: Dec 20th, '06, 00:14
by Neyak

What I sometimes miss in this forum, is an extensive list of useful links, i.e. to magic suppliers, organisations, clubs, other communities, ...
Admittedly, I can't say I've spent hours searching for things on the internet, but generally I think such a list would be quite handy. It would also make references to offsite pages more effective!
Of course, you lot may disagree with me and find such a list unnecessary, I'd find it useful. And I guess most less experienced members will as well.
Just a thought.

PostPosted: Dec 20th, '06, 01:40
by Mandrake
Check out any post by Bananafish, his sig offers links to a lot of magic clubs and societies as well as shops and suppliers.

PostPosted: Nov 10th, '07, 00:19
by Morgan
Agreed Mandrake. Bananafish's profile is very useful. It was only by looking at this that I found there was a Magic shop in my old hometown of Portsmouth which I will definitely be visiting the next time I go home.

What it has highlighted though is that I don't know how current the info on magic clubs and societies is...

For instance, much against the advise that I've followed in the away from Magic Clubs as they're full of weirdo's. I've decided to go along to my local magic gang in Dundee. Bananafish's profile tells me it meets every other Thursday in a particular location and yet another link I've found on the net tells me it meets on the first Thursday of the month in another location altogether.

Yes, all I have to do is call the contact name and ask but would it not be a good idea to somehow be able to have shops, clubs and societies listed and allow this to be edited by other members or by informing a moderator to keep the information up to date?

PostPosted: Nov 10th, '07, 00:29
by HenryHoudini
I'd also be interested in an American list, because Bananahish's is just England, or Europe, I forget which.

PostPosted: Nov 10th, '07, 14:30
by Mandrake
I guess it's all down to the amount of time Bananafish has at his disposal and how often those on the list advise of any changes. Apart from being a Mod here, he's also heavily involved with the Ipswich Magic Society, organises their very successful magic day each October and has a demanding day job. If there's a society or club you get in touch with but discover the details need updating than a swift PM to Bananafish with the new details would help.

As for a US list, I recall mention being made of one US site where details can be found, for the life of me I can't recall which thread it was in but a bit of Searching with various keywords might track it down. Failing that, hang around a while and someone may post the details again for us.