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hi everyone

PostPosted: Nov 29th, '10, 11:29
by coollevitation

hi everyone
i have just got the airborne glass or suspension glass
from my local magic store
i dint get the instructions wid it
so can anyone tell me how to perform the trick
i have the gimmicks

Re: hi everyone

PostPosted: Nov 29th, '10, 11:40
by Ted
coollevitation wrote:can anyone tell me how to perform the trick

Probably the best bet is to approach the magic shop and ask for the instructions. We can't tell you how to perform it because it's against forum rules:

The Rules wrote:6. Please don't ask how tricks are done, it means we're being asked to be giving away other people's secrets which are not ours to divulge.

PostPosted: Nov 29th, '10, 12:57
by coollevitation
ok at least can u send me a message
and tell me how to do it

PostPosted: Nov 29th, '10, 14:29
by grant_m23
If you already have what you need, is it not obvious?!

PostPosted: Nov 29th, '10, 14:37
by coollevitation
i dont know how to use the gimmick and how to adjust it
that is y i am askin

PostPosted: Nov 29th, '10, 14:48
by coollevitation
please help me out
send me a pm

PostPosted: Nov 29th, '10, 15:06
by Mandrake
Please read the rules, we don't give out secrets and memebers are requested to not ask for them.