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Classic Section

PostPosted: Mar 21st, '12, 20:49
by jim ferguson

Hi everyone.

I'm sure most of us would agree that many of the classic plots and effects are important - not just from a historical point of view, but also for the lessons that can be learned from the study of many of them.

I think it would be nice to have a section devoted entirely to the classic plots and effects. Each thread could be about a single plot, its history, variations, links to any reviews in the reviews section, pros and cons of each version, handling tips, presentational ideas, theory, etc.

What do you guys think ?


Re: Classic Section

PostPosted: Mar 31st, '12, 12:24
by SpareJoker
I think it would simply genereate huge flame wars about what should and should not be considered a 'classic'.

Re: Classic Section

PostPosted: Apr 2nd, '12, 08:52
by bananafish
A nice idea to some extent - but I agree the "what is a classic" argument could be a problem and also don't think we need a new room for it.

I do like the idea of (a series of) articles about the classics - the history - variations, why it is important etc, and if anyone wanted to undergo such a task, maybe we would move the topic to the "Basement - Archives" where it can be loved and cherished Ad infinitum.

Re: Classic Section

PostPosted: Apr 9th, '12, 15:33
by jim ferguson
Thank you both for your replys. The arguement of what is or isnt considered a classic is a very valid point, and one that did cross my mind. To me a classic is generally something that has stood the test of time, and will usually have spawned many variations through the years. The general plot and/or effect will be as sound today as it was when first used. For example many of Vernons pieces will fall into this category - i dont think there are many close-up guys who dont or havent used say Twisting the Aces in one form or another. Dr Daleys is another example.

The criteria for what should/should not be considered a classic are not chiseled in stone though, and there are always exeptions - this is where the grey area surfaces.

If anyone would be interested in contributing to such topics please let it be known either in this thread or to me via pm. Id be more than happy to offer input on the classic pieces that i use and have experience with, and im sure that together we could produce some insightful and worthwhile threads. They may even get some of those who are new to the craft interested in these pieces, who might otherwise not have bothered with them, which can surely only be a good thing.

Thanks again,