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Magic groups in Nottingham

PostPosted: Sep 23rd, '08, 21:58
by Jace

hi i moved to nottingham 3 week's ago just started magic i know sum card and slight of hand tricks i just wanted to know if there where any magic clubs in nottingham so if your in nott's and want to meet just message me

PostPosted: Sep 23rd, '08, 22:22
by Mandrake
Courtesy of and a bit of Googling:
2004 Details:
Nottingham Guild of Magicians
Barrie Perkins
6 Seaford Ave, Wollaton, Notts NG8 1LB
Tel: 0115 928 3080
Jr. 15-18
Meetings: 1st and 3rd Thurs of month
HQ: Pond Hills Lane Community Centre NG5 8DR

PostPosted: Sep 23rd, '08, 22:36
by Gary Dickson
Hi Jace,

I live in Nottingham. I'm not a member of a club, but I do magic and I work in a shop in town called Jugglers (and Ice Nine across the road). If you want to pop in and say high, maybe we could arrange to go for a coffee or something. I don't know many other magicians and I'm always interested in meeting others.

All the best

PostPosted: Sep 24th, '08, 08:21
by taffy
Hey Jace,

I'm based in Nottinghamshire, if you'd like to meet up along with Mr Dickson?


PostPosted: Sep 28th, '08, 14:55
by Jace
yer it would be g8 to meet up ill have to check when my next day;s off are and we will have to sort out a meeting

PostPosted: Jan 17th, '09, 02:08
by Reverend Tristan
I know this is an old post but you guys are very near to me, in fact I've been to Mansfield today. If any of you fancy a meet up let me know.

PostPosted: Mar 22nd, '10, 21:09
by mousetower

I'm in the same position myself. I Have been in Notts for a month (after spending years overseas). I'm interested in Magic and Hypnosis, but I have no magic buddies to play with. Please help!

PostPosted: Mar 22nd, '10, 21:42
by taffy
Hi Mousetower, my offer stands, Im up for meeting anybody who wants to in the Notts or Derby area.

We can start our own regional meeting to rival the London and Manchester guys! :D

PostPosted: Apr 11th, '10, 16:07
by mousetower
Sounds good to me. I'm actually trying to get a hypnosis group together as well. My intention is to meet up every couple of weeks for practice, and to share techniques and experiences etc.
There's no experience required, so if you're interested in doing that too, then mail me on

PostPosted: Apr 11th, '10, 16:58
by taffy
Ok guys, whose up for a magic/hypnosis meeting in Nottingham?

Names please! :D

PostPosted: Apr 11th, '10, 18:31
by moonbeam
Brings back memories ..... I used to work in Ilkeston (a place called Beauvale Furnishings if it's still there :? ) and lived in Bramcote, before moving to West Hallam.

*SIGH* ....... memories 8) .

Re: Magic groups in Nottingham

PostPosted: Aug 28th, '12, 03:16
by AtlasMentalism
Old thread, but are any of you still around Nottingham? Moving to Blidworth and wouldn't mind meeting up when I get there.