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Derby/Nottingham magic shop?

PostPosted: Nov 8th, '11, 02:06
by Pepsi Twist

Hey gang, I have just recently moved up to Derby and I wondered if there is any magic shop nearby?? I know Ice 9 sells some cards (and maybe more, I'll check this week) but is there anything else in that sort of region? (the '20 minutes on the train' kind of region, I don't know the area well!)

Re: Derby/Nottingham magic shop?

PostPosted: Sep 14th, '15, 14:28
by SKOTmagic
Hi There,

I'm in derby and I run an online store. I can offer (Text deleted by Mods. Whilst we're happy to hear such news, please bear in mind that, as you can see, TM is supported by paying advertisers so if you would like to promote your enterprise please check the box 'Your Advert Here which takes you to the area to book and pay for adverts.)