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Card to Wallet - Peter Marucci

PostPosted: Apr 1st, '10, 15:29
by Hardik

NOTE TO MODS : Hopefully, this is in the right section.

Effect : Spectator selects a card , signed and it is shuffled back into the deck. A wallet ( or anything ) that is lying in sight since the beginning is pointed to - a card is removed from within it and shown to be the signed selected card.

Difficulty - 2/5

Review - This effect got me into wallets in the first place ( and I have been practising hard for the past few days, and trying to come up with intriguing presentations for the Card To Wallet ).

Peter offers an amazing no-palm Card to Wallet and I am really happy with the effect - it has got me great reactions. I usually prefer to use a card box instead of a wallet (you'll see why once you know the method ) and it perfectly justifies the actions in the effect - and everything goes as smooth as possible. It's very easy to do and it's going into my repertoire !

Rating - 10/10

I cannot take anything away from this effect - Peter was gracious enough to e-mail it to me when I requested for it after his post on TM about it's availability. I really wish I could support him by buying some of his material but I'm really short on money at the moment ( saving as much as I can for grad school :) ).. But I do want to end this review on a note of sincere appreciation towards Peter, and promise to purchase some of his material ( which I have no doubt will be excellent - just check out his Bizarre Bazaar on Visions - I could have a whole show around all those amazing effects ) .

Thanks again to Peter.

PostPosted: Apr 1st, '10, 16:04
by Mandrake
It's an absolutely cracking effect and Peter's being very generous about the way he distributes it.

PostPosted: Apr 1st, '10, 16:08
by Hardik
I couldn't agree more Mandrake.. As a beginner in both magic and mentalism, I feel guilty for using all the stuff Peter has up on Visions. And this effect is just the cherry on top - I'm having a blast with this..

PostPosted: Apr 1st, '10, 20:39
by moonbeam
Is this similar to Mark Mason's Mirage Wallet ???

PostPosted: Apr 2nd, '10, 09:51
by Mandrake
I don't have that one but Peter's routine can be done with any wallet, envelope - in fact any container which is left in full view until opened. In other words, the container itself is irrelevent! E-mail or PM him for the details :wink: !

PostPosted: Jun 1st, '10, 18:10
by Lownatic
Where can you buy it?
How much does it cost?

Sounds identical to this :- ... hb9g5lj3h3

PostPosted: Jun 1st, '10, 21:41
by Mandrake
Dunno about that one but Peter's effect is simplicity itself, certainly not twenty quid, but the only way to get hold of it is to contact Peter direct and ask him about it. Like all the best stuff, this is simplicity itself, you only need one 'move/sleight' and the rest is pure presentation.

PostPosted: Jun 1st, '10, 21:53
by Lownatic
Sounds good, does he have a website?

PostPosted: Jun 1st, '10, 21:58
by Mandrake
He might do but we don't have the details. a PM or e-mail to would be the best way.

PostPosted: Jul 11th, '10, 19:09
by spooneythegoon
I believe he taught this for free on one of the threads here?

PostPosted: Jul 11th, '10, 20:21
by Mandrake
Spot On Spooney!!