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little tips...

PostPosted: May 24th, '07, 12:59

here are some of my own...erm :oops: little tips...obviously feel free to share your own..these are by no means me saying "this is the rules", these are just my own little things that i've thought about over the past six years or so...

a notebook for any stray ideas
or as back-up, save 'em on your phone as a draft text message
even if it's just a theory, best not to forget it, as you'll pick up new techniques as you learn more and more

if you love a modern day magician, read up on who their influences were - and track those people'll never know where you'll end up, or what skills you'll pick up

it's all very well learning complex sleights, and being silent and superb with them, but if you can't settle down and work out your own routines, what's the point?

make a little list of your favourite, and more importantly, the sleights you're best at, and play to your strengths...incorporate those into your ideas...

other items:
when you come up with an idea, stop...does it have to be cards? or coins?why not photos, or sketches, or even plasticine if it fits in...

never underestimate an old cheap book - 202 methods of forcing by Anneman for a classic example...£3 or £4 quid for some fantastic deviousness...

as stated by plenty of people, alot of "new" effects, are nothing but flash advertising, with absolutely nothing new added. Just produced to look "new"

RRTCM + 3 decks + big fournier practise mat = £19
1 stand alone dvd release by a certain company = £23

Stick to 5 (+/-2 depending on the person) things to learn in a month or so...dont flood your brain with too much at a time, breathe...get settled and feel comfortable with yourself...

3 effects that you can link together - take your time, never rush anything, not your patter, not your secret stuff, nothing...p-a-c-e...

Involve people, make them feel part of what you are doing, not just a innocent by-stander...if you see someone watching you, smile and wave them over...slight body contact and a grin will get you everywhere...

And please, not too many show-off effects "look at me do this", how about instead "this is all down to your intuition"..or "due to your inate skills at...", "because you concentrated properly you allowed me to..."

Who are you:
card-sharp? wierdo? freak of nature? scholar of the esoteric? whatever it is, let that run through you, let it reflect in what you do? would a card-sharp be able to bend a coin? or would it be more likely that he could card-count and so on?

never rest on your laurels, or indeed hardys, learn, read, examine, discover...never copy, dont be an automaton...anyone can follow a crowd, but not many can be followed...

keep on keepin' on brothers and sisters...this is all a beautiful craft, dont soil it by copycat actions or you...

PostPosted: May 24th, '07, 13:51
by I.D
excellent post Abraxus.. something we can all benefit from.

We can all get carried away and try to cram too much in at one, Ive been guilty of that on many occasion. Sticking to one or two things at a time certainly pays off, as all your focus is centered, as opposed to scattered here and there. Why be a jack of all trades when you can be a master of one??!!

When learning from books, start at the beginning. Its sounds obvious, but many people race through trying to pick out bits they are eager to learn.

You would do well to start at the beginning and read through everything, then put your focus into that which wil serve you well.

Really think about the sleights you learn. Compare them to tricks done using those sleights and stop and think how they could be use to acheive an entirely different effect. Experiment with your ideas and jot down both your successes and your failures.

Your failures are only works in development, it may take ten years to make an effect work or to realise something that makes it workable. Recording ideas gives you something to think about. I often play through effects in my head, and I can see where things need changing and what works well without having a deck in my hands.

PostPosted: May 24th, '07, 14:10
by Tomo
Brilliant post!

I'll add:

Never EVER perform a trick (whether it's magic or mentalism) exactly as it says in the instructions. Always change and mould it to suit how you are, rather than changing you to suit it.

PostPosted: May 24th, '07, 14:19
by Johnny Wizz
Excellent thread.

Could I add a really old one but one which will bite you if you ignore it

Never repeat a trick however much the spectator may plead with you!

PostPosted: May 24th, '07, 14:24
by Wills
I'm very happy to see a quality discussion again!!

My tuppence would be to respect the art and every aspect of it. Whether its cards, coins, rubber bands, matches etc,

And my favourite is to have fun and enjoy what I'm doing

PostPosted: May 24th, '07, 14:29
yeah, keep 'em coming...

i'll also add another, one that strikes fear into the heart of everyone...

if you're happy to perform just for fun and friends and family...fine..nothing wrong in that at all...


if you do wanna go further, dont leap out into the street and just do it...find a small corner somewhere, perform for one or two people, just one or two NOT rush...infact, do the complete opposite...

draw it out nice and slow (matron) - take your time, stop and talk, smile, involve, draw them near...then sock 'em between the eyes with the revelation..taking your time, gives you an air of confidence...

and if you have the shakes, go to the lav, and shake out your arms it will be all shaken out by then...

PostPosted: May 24th, '07, 14:35
by greedoniz
That is a brilliant faith in TM has been restored following quite a few, lets say odd posts of late.

May I suggest? although you pretty much covered it in your initial post:

Always remember that performing is never you against the spectator but a collaboration of magician and audience to create the effect together.


Ooh go on

PostPosted: May 24th, '07, 14:52
by taneous
Nice one abraxus - thanks for that :)

PostPosted: May 24th, '07, 15:11
by I.D
This is the TM I have grown to love :D

PostPosted: May 24th, '07, 19:23
by monker59
Beautiful, very beautiful. I'd also like to add this:

Always know at least a little bit of everything. It doesn't matter if you hate rope magic, learn one trick and maybe someday you'll be holding a shoelace and looking to entertain your friends. :wink:

Re: little tips...

PostPosted: May 25th, '07, 08:48
by Renato
I concur! Great thread :D

abraxus wrote:Inclusion:
Involve people, make them feel part of what you are doing, not just a innocent by-stander...if you see someone watching you, smile and wave them over...slight body contact and a grin will get you everywhere...

And please, not too many show-off effects "look at me do this", how about instead "this is all down to your intuition"..or "due to your inate skills at...", "because you concentrated properly you allowed me to..."

Absolutely agree, and this is what a lot of my performing magic material leans towards nowadays with a few 'watch' pieces to break things up.

On this note I find it interesting that we tend to call our audience our 'spectators' when 'participants' seems more fitting and better-suited.

PostPosted: May 25th, '07, 09:56
by Lady of Mystery
Let your own style and persona develop over time and let it reflect who you are, don't try to copy someone else or be something that you're not.

Respect other people's styles, we've all got our own unique style. Just because one thing doesn't fit in with you, that doesn't mean that it's wrong for everyone else.

Don't be afraid to try something new and explore new avenues of magic, you might just stumble on something that you really enjoy

PostPosted: May 25th, '07, 10:04
by Mandrake
Would it be appropriate for some of these gems to appear in Lady of Mystery's suggested Magic Book?

PostPosted: May 25th, '07, 10:14
by Lady of Mystery
Now's that's a really good idea Mandrake. I'll bookmark this thread for reference

PostPosted: May 25th, '07, 10:19
by Mandrake
To be honest, this thread and one or two others are bringing out and underlining some seriously useful and thought provoking matters. As much as we like to hoard our stuff and keep it to ourselves to a certain extent, if the people who posted the tips are in agreement it would be good to see such advice given a much wider audience.
(Blimey, I'm going all pink and fluffy now.....)