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Plastic tubing

PostPosted: Mar 6th, '17, 00:54
by TheMentalist

For a trick involving liquids, I am looking for a piece of plastic tubing that looks something like the attached image.
This will be used to store an amount of liquid, to be released when the opening of one of the ends of the tube is released.

Does anyone know where I can get a piece of tubing like this, if it even exists.

Re: Plastic tubing

PostPosted: Mar 7th, '17, 18:00
by bmat
Look in a pet shop, or pet products on line, a gravel syhon might work, you may have to modify it but is possibly your best bet. See example below. click on the last picture to see all the parts. I just worry it may be too large for what you need. ... lsrc=aw.ds" target="_blank

Re: Plastic tubing

PostPosted: Mar 30th, '17, 21:34
by TheMentalist
Yeah, i couldn't find anything i could use. Im thinking about having something 3d printed to fit my needs instead...