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One very weird request

PostPosted: Jun 19th, '17, 18:45
by Tom Lauten

Ok, I can't believe I'm asking this.

I'm fairly certain this doesn't breach any rules of magic or forum etiquette. Years ago I released a trick through Alakazam called "Back Off". It wasn't a runaway hit but did ok. I don't suppose anyone outhere has a copy of the instructions they could forward to me? I lost every copy I had including digital ones! :roll:

Thanks folks if you can help!

Re: One very weird request

PostPosted: Jun 20th, '17, 11:50
by Mandrake
A very unusual request indeed! Technically asking for instructions is a no-no but as they're you're instructions and you're asking for them it's OK!

Sadly I can't find anything in my stash at Mandrake Mansions and Alakazam don't seem to list it anymore although Google shows a link there. For those who want to know more, the official blurb is:

    This routine combines two classic card magic routines and makes them obtainable to the beginner by eliminating difficult sleight of hand. "Back Off" is a blend of the "All Backs Routine" and "Triumph." Although totally different in methodology from the originals, the effect of "Back Off" is still similar to that of the original routines.


    A deck of cards is shown to be faulty due to there being backs printed on both sides of the cards! A spectator examines one of the cards from the unusable deck and verifies this to be true. However, with a magical gesture, the magician causes all the faces to become printed, making the deck as it should be. He then proceeds to take half the cards face up and half face down and shuffle them together. The deck is spread to show the messy condition of the cards.

    With his back turned the magician invites a spectator to remove a card and sign it on the face. This card is then replaced facedown into any point in the deck, which is then squared up before the magician turns hack. A magical gesture is made and the cards are shown to have gone back to their original state of being all backs on both sides, all except for one card which remains with it's face showing. among the backs of the cards. Unbelievably, it is the signed selection! The only card not to be printed with a back on both sides again! The spectator keeps the card as a souvenir of this strange experience with a deck of cards!

    The trick can be easily repeated with a different card! Multiple handlings included as well as Tom Lauten's "Tidy Up" routine! This effect can be done in the hands or at the table! The deck is instantly reset!

I see that Amazon USA are offering it for sale at ... B008Z26C5C and Magic Shop at their Seaport San Diego outlet are offering at at Incidentally that's a great shop, I went there many moons ago and managed to spend a serious amount of my holiday dollars in about an hour!

Re: One very weird request

PostPosted: Jun 20th, '17, 12:27
by Tom Lauten
Thanks Mate!

Embarrassing innit?

Re: One very weird request

PostPosted: Jun 20th, '17, 22:18
by Mandrake
I always blame old age.... if I can remember...

Re: One very weird request

PostPosted: Jun 20th, '17, 22:22
by Tom Lauten
"Roses are red, violets are blue...

...I'm going senile...

...cheese on toast.