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PostPosted: Nov 5th, '08, 12:21
by philnitro

RedTyke wrote:I was lucky enough to see Penn & Teller live in Las Vegas. This included the double bullet catch....superb.

Was also fortunate enough to meet them both after the show. Actually got a conversation out of Teller. Quitely spoken but he does have a voice!!! Penn is bigger than the fake Eiffel Tower on the strip. Huuuuugggeee.

In my opinion their reveals are very cleverly done and effectively sneaky distraction for the real magic moment. I was baffled!

I got to see them at the Rio in Vegas this year and they did the double bullet catch then.... it was amazing!
You've got to hand it to them for staying around after the show meeting and greeting everybody until the last person, that to me is what proper performer(s) should be doing, not ignoring the fans.
We got some great pics of both Penn and Teller and even though Penn looks like a pretty big guy at 6'7'' he a human mamoth but a really nice guy!
Full respect to Penn and Teller and lets hope they eventually release the Bullsh*t DVD's on Region 2.

Just with mentioning the DVD's has anyone seen the "Off the Deep End" show they did? the whole program is quite amazing and funny then the finale ending with dissappearing a full sized sub being revealed... brilliant! Now which one of us could afford to do a trick on that scale?

PostPosted: Nov 5th, '08, 15:53
by Kevin Cann
I was lucky enough to see them do a live show in one of the London theatres a few years ago and they were fantastic ! It was very funny, fantastically scripted and superb magic.

It was one of the best live shows I have ever seen including all the west end plays & productions (non-magic shows)

PostPosted: Nov 5th, '08, 16:40
by Gary Williams
Penn and Teller are excellent entertainers and on the point of exposure, as in 'blast off', I've only ever regarded them as magicians that expose their take on things, with no damage to any particular performers' acts. On top of this, they obviously work hard on their presentations, giving excellent entertainent value to their audiences.

PostPosted: Nov 6th, '08, 16:26
by JackNimble
Personally, I enjoy their less gory performances. I noticed once that there was a small error in the "Blast Off" act on television once...they handled it without freaking out as I possibly would've done, and it was probably unoticable as well. However, not to nitt-pick, they did teach an entire audience a routine from Tarbell's Course ( complete with patter, whiffle dust!). As the audience did suprisingly well, I'll count this as a strange feat of mass education rather than exposure per say...though it was one of my favorite effects, patter notwithstanding. Unfortunately, I can't use that one as I've always fear that a lack of a TT matching my skin tone (a pointer towards a discussion of that topic would be invaluable )would ruin such a beautiful effect. I presumed it was alright for me to mention these somewhat technical details in a somewhat public area, but I would gladly remove them at a moderated request.

PostPosted: Nov 8th, '08, 12:58
by alter28
They are ok as entertainers but personally i dont like them. Their whole attitude and personality is a real turn off.

Plus in their "Bullsh*t" series they generally talk alot of Bullsh*t themself. Altho i agree with them on most of what they say. You cant get everything right.

We all have our own concept of reality and we all have our own agendas and beliefs and we have all been exposed to different sorts of "evidence" which makes us believe one thing or another.

At the end of the day these 2 guys are entertainers, there job is to entertain and get paid. Good luck to them! Any famous magician is good for magic as a whole.

PostPosted: Dec 10th, '09, 17:34
by Matthius88
I have only just got into Penn and Teller, which is kind of surprising. I'd heard of them long ago, but never really watched anything with them on.

That is, until recently :lol:

I started watching their show Cow feces (you know, the one with the rude name) and Im hooked by them.

Their presentation of anything is highly entertaining. Penn being big an loud, swearing and generally being a bit outragous, then Teller with his silent and skillfull sleight of hand, is genius. Other than perhaps one or two others, they are my favorite magicians of all time just for how damn entertaining they are. They could be doing the worst tricks in the world and Penn would still make me laugh.

PostPosted: Dec 22nd, '09, 17:26
by magicmunchy
One of the funniest sawing in half routines ever performed was Penn & Teller's effort on the David Letterman show. It's on youtube. It's a model performance by any standard - and hilarious.

PostPosted: Dec 22nd, '09, 17:29
by Mandrake

PostPosted: Dec 22nd, '09, 20:28
by Matthius88
Mandrake wrote:


Haha, typically horrifying Penn and Teller, the bit of meat that drops down is particularly disturbing!

Re: Penn and Teller

PostPosted: Mar 24th, '14, 12:00
by Mandrake
Bumpety bump!

Most of you will know that Teller has been using the legal system to go after a Belgian magician who copied his Shadows routine than offered tpo sell the secret. According to ... gic-690347 Teller has won the case using a different angle to get around the impossibility of copyrighting a trick so congrats tp him, hopefully it'll act as a warning to others who think they can copy and expose. Not sure how a US ruling will be enacted in Belgium but no doubt we'll learn more in due course.

Re: Penn and Teller

PostPosted: Mar 24th, '14, 12:17
by mdawg
The more I read about this case the more I am on the fence. Initially the guy had an improved method for the illusion and it was Teller than initially asked to buy it. When a price wasn't reached then the lawyers got involved.

Re: Penn and Teller

PostPosted: Mar 24th, '14, 16:37
by mark lewis
Getting a judgement is the easy part. People tend to think that is the end of the matter. It isn't. The next far more difficult step is enforcing the judgement. Particularly if the defendant lives abroad. And even worse if they are difficult to find. And worst of all if they have no money although I don't know if that is the case here.

This must be costing Teller a fortune in money and time. I am not sure in the end it will be worth the aggravation for him. He will have to hire foreign lawyers and it will drive him nuts. I have always known that the person being sued is in a far better position that the one doing the sueing.

I get a psychic vibe that poor old Teller won't get a penny in the long run. Watch and see if I am correct.
I always get great sadistic delight in this sort of thing.

Re: Penn and Teller

PostPosted: Mar 24th, '14, 16:57
by Mandrake
Teller certainly has the money to do all this at the strongest and highest levels and, as it's been his signature effect for 20 years or so, I can understand why he wanted to protect and preserve the methods involved. Enforcing the judgement in the US is one thing but enforcing it in Europe is another matter entirely. Perhaps the idea was to set a precedent? If so, the makers of all those Chinese copies of Losander's levitating tables must be quaking in their boots - not.

I still feel Teller deserves full marks for keeping the pressure on and getting a result rather than give in and let the guy get away with it.

Re: Penn and Teller

PostPosted: Oct 7th, '14, 21:55
by Mandrake
Looks like Teller has won the judgement - see ... /id/692926

Not sure what happens if the Belgian guy doesn't pay up.....

Re: Penn and Teller

PostPosted: Jan 26th, '15, 00:06
by Mandrake