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Pete Firman

PostPosted: Jan 21st, '08, 01:44
by Albino

What do you people think of this young chap?

I only just recently discovered who he was to be fair, even though i had seen some of his tv shows. Personally i think hes got a good character going, mixing the magic with comedy well!

PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '08, 17:38
by Serendipity
I saw him in Edinburgh last year with his show Hokum, and really enjoyed it. He's a good magician (with a whole range of strange physical abilities...) and his show was really good fun. He definitely works the cheeky northern thing.

I'd say it was also the kind of thing I'd class as "Magic for people who don't like magic". Not that there are many on this forum I'd imagine...

PostPosted: Jan 24th, '08, 18:52
by Albino
cool, i may be going to see him in march with a few non-magician acquintneces, coud you possibly give me a little in-sight of what to expect?


PostPosted: Feb 3rd, '08, 16:14
by Replicant
I really enjoyed his performance and explanation of Holey Sh*t! I think he's a good magician and very funny, too.

PostPosted: Mar 8th, '08, 11:33
by Lord Freddie
He is a good performer and knows his stuff, as anyone who has seen 'Secret World of Magic' will know.
I have met him briefly once and he seems to be a nice, down-to-earth chap. He knows how to engage an audience and uses humour to his advantage.

PostPosted: Mar 8th, '08, 12:33
by dat8962
I have to admit to liking Pete Firman and he's one of my favorite UK magicians.

He has more variety in his magic than most and he's equally as good on his own as well as when he's collaborating with other magicians.

PostPosted: Mar 8th, '08, 12:53
by russpie
He got a bit of a slating from the magic communities older generation after doing Monkey Magic on Channel 5 a few years ago. I think he has now well & truly earned his reputation as a great comedy magician, anyone who has seen him live would agree I'm sure.


PostPosted: Mar 8th, '08, 13:01
by dat8962
I thought that Monkey Magic was one of the few programmes on TV that was worth watching at the time.

PostPosted: Mar 19th, '08, 12:03
by chriscowly
Pete is an awesome magician! funny and technical ability! I'm from Middlesbrough myself which is where Pete is from, he once was the resident magician in a restaurant near where we live before he 'made it'! highly recommended........

PostPosted: Oct 25th, '08, 11:06
by russpie
Saw Pete Firman last night as part of the Hull Comedy Festival. He did his Edinburgh show with support from Chris Martin (comedian not soft rock star). Good night had by all, he did various things including a great egg bag presentation with 2 girls from the audience, one either drunk or crazy but he handled it well. A couple of idiots in the audience shouting once or twice but he put them down & got everyone on his side.

He ended with a slant on 'Spike' using a smashed budweiser bottle with the neck placed into a wooden block covered with a brown bags & 3 other 'safe' ones. He had audience members choose which he slammed his hand down on & lived to tell the tale.

The support was funnier I thought but it is difficult to combine magic & comedy. He seemed to go down the route of slagging magic off to get the audience to enjoy it.

Good night though.

PostPosted: Oct 25th, '08, 15:42
by OrderD29
How weird, just yesterday I booked a couple of tickets to see his show when he's in Leicester on November 2nd! I certainly know of him and have seen some of his stuff on the TV but I'm mostly familiar with him sitting in on the explanations with Alistair Cook on the second DVD of Andy Nyman's "Get Nyman" collection. There certainly seems to be a freshness and energy that he brings to his performances so I'm sure that I'll have a cracking night.

PostPosted: Oct 25th, '08, 16:52
by Lee Smith
I love his performance of the mouse trick (cracks me up)

Check it out...


PostPosted: Oct 25th, '08, 18:22
by TheAlkhemist07
Albino wrote:non-magician acquintneces

I dont really understand that...

How can you have non-magish mates??


PostPosted: Nov 4th, '08, 14:37
by HelloDave
I've seen Pete on stage before. I really thought his style was unique and highly entertaining. The comedy was top-notch, and the fresh presentation of magic ideas (new and old) was just fantastic.


PostPosted: Nov 4th, '08, 16:53
by Gary Williams
I like Pete Firman, and enjoyed all of Monkey Magic, but his recent appearance on the t.v. progamme, 'For One Night Only', and I hope you agree with me here Pete, was not his best. I'm not saying it was rubbish, but he was a little unfortunate, and the act didn't play too strongly. I'm walking on eggshells at the moment, because I am trying to be constuctive, as he is a good magician, but the formula doesn't always work. And that's one of the problems with televised magic. And with television being the most popular media format, every bit of t.v. magic adds to the sub-conscious overview of our artform, as if every effect was an advertisement for what magic is, where it's at and how enrtaining it is. This is at the most mundane level of magic performance, but which receives the most exposure. This, in my opinion, is why live magic is so stunning and receives the reactions that it does from people, which is why you have heard somebody say something similar to, "Well I've seen magicians on t.v. and I know a bit about magic, but I've never seen anything like that before." This is proof that the general public are not booking enoughlive magicians. Hmmmmm.....somebody should say that on t.v. Hope all is well with everybody. All the best, Gary.