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PostPosted: Mar 10th, '09, 07:52
by MagicDude1

We will miss you. Farewell

PostPosted: Mar 10th, '09, 21:52
by Renato
I only met him once, and was too young to really appreciate the significance - but can only echo the great things said of him.

RIP Ali.


PostPosted: Mar 10th, '09, 22:38
by dgmagic
Like so many great magicians of my childhood (David Nixon, Tommy Cooper, etc) Ali's memory will always be an inspiration.

Condolences to your friends and family!


PostPosted: Mar 10th, '09, 22:59
by JakeThePerformer
I didn't know much about him, but have heard much about him over my
time of learning magic. He was obviously a legend. RIP.

Looking at different articles about him, I see how truly influencial he was on the world of magic. I think it is quite safe to say that many of the people on here would never have went into magic if it hadn't been for the influence he had on millions of people.

Everyone who talks of him says he was one of the nicest people they ever met. He certainly was a legend.

PostPosted: Mar 11th, '09, 06:15
by Flash
R.I.P to a legend....

PostPosted: Mar 11th, '09, 12:08
by Robbie
The Telegraph, true to form, ran an excellent obituary yesterday, readable here.

Today's Matt cartoon is also a tribute:

PostPosted: Mar 11th, '09, 13:11
by Lawrence

PostPosted: Mar 12th, '09, 15:29
by Kevin Cann
A new dedicated website which will enable you to contribute messages
and photos of Ali has just opened today.

This will also have details of Ali's Memorial Service when they are
ready to be announced.

PostPosted: Mar 13th, '09, 02:24
by Jake Mogul
I too was saddened to hear this news.

I actually agree with saxmad. Why wasn't it Sir Ali Bongo? He did deserve the recognition.

PostPosted: Apr 6th, '09, 22:29
by D_Sharp
I was too young to have seen him back in his hayday, but I always saw him at Blackpool.

Farewell mate Image

Ali Bongo Farewell to a legend

PostPosted: May 13th, '09, 11:35
by erdnasemagic
I was an extra on the film 'Magicians' and when we were filming in Surrey I met him. He seemed like a very nice man. He said he was born in India and spent some time chatting about that.

Re: Ali Bongo Farewell to a legend

PostPosted: May 18th, '17, 13:33
by Mandrake
Bumpety bump: Via a link on Magic Daily, I saw this: