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Lubor Feidler had Died. Broken wand.

PostPosted: Sep 3rd, '14, 16:43
by daleshrimpton

Sometimes, you have to write things on line that you wish you never had to write. This is one of those times.
News has just broken, that one of the greatest magical thinkers, inventors, performers, Characters Mr Lubor Feidler, has been found dead in his apartment, aged 81.

Often, discussions take place about magic, and whether it is an art.. well Lubor was an artist. I truly admired the man, and the way his brain worked. His List of effects released by Tenyo, reads like a magical who's who of their greatest releases. Items like the show stopper card, have found their way into some of the greats working repertoire for decades.
Born in 1933, Lubor was by trade a Chemical engineer, but his true genius was as an amateur magician, and inventor.
Lubor was raised in a middle class family, his dad worked in a bank, but after World War II his family lost a lot of money after the Communists introduced a new currency. Lubor was given a job by the state drilling for coal for 18 months before eventually ending up working in a chemical factory. Lubor moved to Vienna to escape communist Czechoslovakia leaving his wife and daughter behind in Czechoslovakia. He did not see them again for 15 almost years.
Whilst living in While in Vienna, Lubor supplemented his income, by becoming a pitch man, selling magic tricks to the public on the streets and at the entrances to supermarkets.
I have been fortunate to meet him a number of times, including a wonderfull 2 weeks trip through America in the late 80s, which Lubor was also on. He had such a quiet nature, and the most sparkly eyes, beind which lay an imagination like no other.

His inventions include... ( And I bet you do, or have done at least 2 of these!!)

Gozinta Boxes (Lubor Die) (1966)
Flying Color Cards (1978)
Showstopper Card (1987)
Dental Dam trick
Red Hot Wire
Lubor's Lens
Royal Fantasy
Parabox (1993)
Invisible Zone (1995)
Krazy Keys (1996)
Impossible Pen (1997)
Antigravity Rock (1998)
Phantom Clock (1999)
Blue Crystal (2000)

Rest in peace Lubor...

Re: Lubor Feidler had Died. Broken wand.

PostPosted: Sep 3rd, '14, 21:49
by Mandrake
Very sad to hear the news Dale, yet another genius gone forever.......