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Broken Wand. Bobby Bernard

PostPosted: Nov 10th, '14, 19:44
by corindaman

Info on Facebook by Wayne Fox apparently Bobby has passed away.

Re: Broken Wand. Bobby Bernard

PostPosted: Nov 10th, '14, 20:27
by daleshrimpton
where to start?

well, i guess i should first say that close up, and magical tutor legend Bobby Bernard, has passed away.

Bobby , was one of those rare magicians who only really needed a first name.. when you said Bobby anywhere in the world, people knew exactly who you were talking about. Bobby, the Marmite of the magic world. You either loved the man, or you hated him. This down to one thing. weather he liked you. He wouldn't suffer fools lightly, and was a plain speaking man who had an opinion on every kind of magic. most of the time, that opinion.. was right.

Bobby was born Barnard Samuel Learner in London in 1931. His mum was a theatrical costumer, and he was a cousin of legendary composer Alan J Learner.( though Learner and he didnt get on that well apparently, so Bobby told me) .
It was through his mum, that he developed a love of the performing arts, and how he got to meet many genuine starts of stage and screen. His autograph collection, where ever it ended up, is worth a small fortune.
Incidentally I should say here, in all the years I knew him, i never heard him mention his dad.
And I knew him for quite a few. More than half my life in fact.

How I met him.. well, I met him at the early international conventions..I wasn't introduced to him, In fact I didnt like him.. then one day My mentor offers me a lift to a Blackpool convention.
He introduced me that day to 3 friends that were staying at our digs in Hull road.... Pat Page, Ken Bowel, and... Bobby Bernard.
that introduction was all it took to show him that I was all right.. and a life long friendship started.
If you met him, you would get the feeling that he didnt care that much about other people.. but nothing could be further from the truth. Bobby cared. Every time we met, he would ask about me, and how I was.. before the magic chat started. I went to his flat once.. his collection, or whet I was allowed to see was awesome.
I have a few pieces in mine that started off with Bobby. My Histead salt and sand for example, a classical piece, and always in demand.. that came from him. Times are hard for me at the moment, and I know people would buy it. But I cant, because it was Bobby's. He'd call me a "c" if he knew that. Bobby loved a swear, and could do it to perfection, His favourite word, was the C word. but he only used it when he meant it.:)
he would also exhibit the poodle face, an expression that his a multitude of thoughts.

Im not saying mush about his magical contributions, but believe me there was a hell of a lot, and he has been responsible for so many magical careers.
my favourite memory of bobby.. well, One IBM Convention, he said he would teach me the secret of how he always ended up in the front row.. But I would have to stick with him.. so I did. " Fancy a cup of tea?" Of course I did.. we called into a cafe on the way.. He then ordered tea for two.. and hot 2 pies, and some biscuits, and then picking up the tray he said to the lady at the till..." Oh, my son will pay".. I did too. because. but I got a million times more from Bobby in advice, and contacts.

He was also a busy actor on stage, film and television. If you watch the Kenneth More version of the 39 steps, Bobby is sitting there in the audience, just behind Moore, he appeared on stage in the E.N.O productions at Covent garden, and If you have Only fools and horses on dvd.. Bobby is there in the auction house, as he was the winning bid on the watch that made them millionaires.

Bobby was an award winning performer, with his legendary recreation of the Isaac Fawkes magic act.. something that would often greet members of the public at the at homes..

whet else can I say..

He used to smoke Cigars, and he used to drink Brandy and babycham, and he loved to flirt.

But Like me, it took its toll, and Like me he would always prefer a cup of tea.

I like to think that in the big theatre in the sky,Bobby is sitting there apparently sleeping..( he didnt always pretend).. but he always listened.

God bless you bobby.

Re: Broken Wand. Bobby Bernard

PostPosted: Nov 16th, '14, 12:55
by daleshrimpton
Bobby's funeral will be held at The West Chapel, Golders Green Crematorium, Hoop Lane, London NW11 7NL on Friday 28th November 2014 at 1pm. No flowers by request of the family.