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PostPosted: Jun 23rd, '05, 19:23
by nixondaniels

Mandrake wrote:Er, yes! :?:

If anyone knows of a contact e-mail address for the fair lady, out of courtesy perhaps they'd mention that she's being discussed here? We sometimes do this if known magicians are mentioned in a similar way and they're usually pleased to hear about it.

I would love to be able to chat with Anita, she was the first lady I saw sawed in half, the first lady I seen levitated and the first lady I watched with amazement when she was vanished. She also comes over as a very nice person.

PostPosted: Jun 23rd, '05, 19:37
by Chubby Harris
It was a David Nixon Magic set,that got me into this crazy world of Magic,then at the age of 16,I worked for the Sunday Telegraph in Fleet Street,and was near to Davenports,(Then across the road from the British Museum),walk back to Alan Alans "Magic spot",and finally drop off at Ron McMillians "International Magic studio",it was heaven..... :lol:

PostPosted: Jun 23rd, '05, 20:04
by Mandrake
The young lady is Stephanie Beacham now in 'Bad Girls'.
Sorry, I'm a bit slow lately and have only just spotted this bit. It most certainly is the fair (and often scary) Ms Beacham so double wow etc - David sure knew how to pick stars of the future.

Am I right in thinking that David did most of his magic for ITV? I know he used to be a regular on the original BBC What's My Line? shows (Eamonn Andrews, Gilbert Harding, Lady Isobel Barnett, Barbara Kelly and D.Nixon Esq) but I'm sure ITV showed his great magic series. If so, perhaps there's a possibility that we could lobby for some long overdue repeats? The Beeb positively refuse to even think of reshowing any Paul Daniels shows (internal politics again!) so perhaps ITV might be more accommodating?

PostPosted: Jun 23rd, '05, 21:27
by Chubby Harris
Mandrake,it is certainly worth a try.....
What happened to all the American Magic "Specials" they always put on at Bank Holiday time?,mind you,I have heard on the grapevine.that a new Magic show is coming to our screens real soon,either channel 4 or 5 will be screening it,I think there is going to be a review of it,in the next issue of "Magicseen".... :lol:

PostPosted: Jun 23rd, '05, 22:52
by Mandrake
OK, I'll see what sort of approach can be made - at the very worst they can say No (or s*d off). Hang on, I just had a thought - Anita Harris, Chubby Harris, a relative? OK, perhaps not!

I have a subscription to Magicseen so will look forward to news of the new magic prog - we've had quite a few in recent times (if you include Sky broadcasts etc) so I guess we're being spoiled this year. I keep asking if there's going to be anything televised in connection with the Magic Circle Centenary but all I get back are shrugged shoulders.

PostPosted: Jun 23rd, '05, 23:51
by Chubby Harris
Now another "Best of Magic" with Geffory Durham....that would be something special!!!! :lol:

PostPosted: Jun 24th, '05, 13:36
by Johnny Wizz
David Nixon was also responsible for introducing Basil Brush to TV, he first appeared on his show.

If only I could remember important things as well as I cling on to trivia!

PostPosted: Jun 24th, '05, 18:00
by nixondaniels
I am feeling very nostalgic this weather. There is a David Nixon/Anita Harris illusion that sticks in my mind, I am not sure if I dreamt it or not though.
Anita was in a wooden crate that was hoisted in the air. David pushed a small umbrella through the crate which Anita spun around to prove she was still in there. Anita screamed to be let out, but with a little fluence from David she was quiet. Then David banged a gong and the crate crashed to the ground. He closed the show saying 'Poor Anita'.
Does anyone else remember this illusion.

PostPosted: Aug 28th, '05, 23:08
by nixondaniels
Hi guys, does anyone know who the young lady David is putting fluence on ready to levitate?

PostPosted: Aug 30th, '05, 08:23
by daleshrimpton
It looks like Sandra Dickinson, (once married to Peter Davidson).

As well as Basil Brush, David Nixon also was a huge influence on the carrer of Norman Wisdom. Norman stogged for Nixon early on in his carrear.

PostPosted: Aug 30th, '05, 12:31
by Mandrake
I'd say she looks like Stephanie Beacham. The fact that Little and Large are lurking in the background is rather worrying!

PostPosted: Sep 1st, '05, 00:12
by Tenko
Especially after the recent revelations of their fall outs :?

PostPosted: Nov 6th, '05, 02:03
by nixondaniels
Thanks all for your replies, I think it might be Lena Zavaroni though, she was on one of David Nixon's last shows were he performed the Flouresent Light Bulb illusion on her.

PostPosted: Nov 6th, '05, 10:23
by bananafish
I think it might be Lena Zavaroni though

She looks too big and not skinny enough for Lena. Although either both Little and Large were very short of David N was a giant of a man...

My guess would have been Joan Collins.

PostPosted: Dec 11th, '05, 06:15
by nixondaniels
Anita Harris steps into a birdcage
ImageImageNever trust a magician, ah poor Anita.