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Broken Wand - Graham Reid

PostPosted: May 12th, '17, 12:07
by Mandrake

Part of a post on Magic New Zealand by Mandy Davies:

    It was with a very heavy heart that I listened to a message from Tim
    Reed to tell me the his father and our wonderful friend, Graham, had
    passed away in hospital in his sleep last night. Graham had been ill for
    a long while but we spoke only two or three weeks ago when he was
    finally home from a rehab centre and hoping to invite us over once he'd

    Graham was the most generous, kind hearted man anyone could ever meet -
    even spending time on Saturdays on busy streets in London offering help
    to tourists who were looking lost and confused. His knowledge was
    outstanding and he'd not only ensure they had the correct directions but
    he'd recommend other places of interest, too.

    Graham was one of Paul Daniels's closest friends, they were both members
    of the Middlesbrough Magic Society, Graham later becoming one of Paul's
    magic advisors on his TV series. This led to a great friendship between
    Graham and Ali Bongo.

Re: Broken Wand - Graham Reed

PostPosted: May 13th, '17, 09:18
by magicofthemind
Graham was Examinations Secretary of The Magic Circle when I joined. He interviewed me, proposed me and later encouraged me to advance to the AIMC degree. He was one of the few members who I could talk to on a Monday night and was one of the nicest people I've ever met.

One of the questions he asked me at my interview was to name my favourite magic book. I selected Corinda's Thirteen Steps, a happy choice because Graham had two effects in there (under the name J G Reed).