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Eddy Taytelbaum

PostPosted: Sep 16th, '17, 17:16
by tox

Hi Guys,

iam a huge fan of eddy taytelbaum and hin miniature masterpieces - is anyone here who is also a collctor of eddy┬┤s pieces?

Take care,

Re: Eddy Taytelbaum

PostPosted: Sep 22nd, '17, 16:50
by mr invisible
sorry, after 17 years in this art, cant say Ive heard of the chap ?? :?

Re: Eddy Taytelbaum

PostPosted: Sep 22nd, '17, 21:53
by JohnnyMac
I have to say I hadn't heard of him either, but a google search revealed he's best known for his handcrafted props. In his life, he has won 4 FISM awards, 2 Gold and 2 Bronze.

He's a dutch magician and is now 91. Very interesting, I want to find out more.

Re: Eddy Taytelbaum

PostPosted: Sep 23rd, '17, 19:12
by tox
Hy guys,

thanks for awnser me. Jonny would say the most. Eddy Taytelbaum is one of the best european close up magicians and a master craftsman for high quality magic props. So iam looking for his close up tricks to trade.