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Broken Wand - Harry Anderson

PostPosted: Apr 17th, '18, 09:29
by Mandrake

Harry died yesterday of natural causes. Just 65 he was not only a magician (Needle Thru Arm was one if his effects) he was also an actor, perhaps best known in the UK for 'Night Court' a few years ago, there are lots of tributes and obits on line. R.I.P Harry.

Re: Broken Wand - Harry Anderson

PostPosted: Apr 17th, '18, 09:56
by moonbeam
You beat me to it, as I was about to post this.

Another one bites the dust :(

I still have the Harry Anderson's "needle through arm" trick, which I haven't used in aaaaages.

Maybe it would be a fitting tribute now, to dust it down and get some more use out of it ..... assuming the necessary bits and bobs haven't dried up >.<

Re: Broken Wand - Harry Anderson

PostPosted: Apr 17th, '18, 20:53
by Mandrake
I'm away from home at the moment but will dig out my Anderson Needle Thru as soon as I get back!

Re: Broken Wand - Harry Anderson

PostPosted: Apr 28th, '18, 10:08
by EndersGame
Sorry to hear - 65 is not old at all.

Isn't Harry Anderson the person who popularized Lubor Fiedler's "Royal Fantasy" by performing it on TV? I'm not sure if there's a video clip of his routine out there somewhere, and I've never seen his performance of this myself, but I have read somewhere that Harry Anderson's TV performance really blew people away. Anyone know anything about this?

Background: Royal Fantasy is based on a Brother John Hamman effect called "Fantabulous", which uses the same gaffs. Fantabulous was one phase of a larger routine entitled "Wild All the Way", which can be found in The Secrets of Brother John Hamman (1989). "Wild All The Way" consisted of a phase called Ace-Sational, which was then followed by Fantabulous.